Xiaomi apresenta caneta de leitura Mi Bunny para auxiliar no aprendizado infantil

Xiaomi Introduces Mi Bunny Reading Pen to Assist Child Learning

THE Xiaomi announced a new reading pen known as Mi Bunny, which aims to help in the learning of children especially those in the literacy phase. It has a very simple design that is meant to be portable with the implementation of an appropriate volume speaker.


Major news is embedded LTE connectivity and a camera

The Chinese manufacturer has implemented a feature that is described as a storyteller, including implementing a button to play a tale with just one click. The optical pen houses information from 22 picture books, which were created especially for educational purposes.

Mi Bunny arrives with the content of Mi Bunny Story Machine, making it possible to add up to over 500 other illustrated children's books. It even supports bilingual learning, with the student being able to learn both English and Chinese.

According to the Gizmo China website, Xiaomi worked closely with a team of first-rate early childhood education specialists. They worked to develop the product with a target audience of Chinese children over 2 years of age.

The promise that Mi Bunny can help improve core competencies such as cognition, language, psychology, socialization and self-care. It brings over 1,200 knowledge points with over 2,000 English words implemented within its capabilities.

Via: MyDrivers, GizmoChina. [TagsToTranslate] mi bunny