Xiaomi Effect: Redmi 2 Makes Competition Price Plummet

Xiaomi Effect: Redmi 2 Makes Competition Price Plummet

Not even 24 hours ago that Xiaomi launched Redmi 2 in Brazil and we have already noticed a change in the national mobile market: the price of smartphones starts to decrease. First it was Extra's online store that promoted a "super discount", then came to ASUS with elbow pain pinning Mi with a lightning promotion, and as I write this article, possibly another offer is already being prepared. Has the "Xiaomi Effect" already begun?

According to Hugo Barra, Xiaomi is the "5 largest smartphone maker in the world" and the reflection of this came soon after the announcement of Redmi 2 for $ 499.00. The curious thing is that as Mi has its own online store and will not offer its products in national retail, whether in physical or virtual stores, even e-commerce in Brazil gave a jolt.

Xiaomi is the 5th largest smartphone maker in the world.

Xiaomi Effect First Clue

Yesterday, when searching for "Xiaomi no Brasil" in the Google search, the first result was an ad from the online store "Extra" offering the Galaxy Gran Neo Plus for the same $ 499.00. The curious that searching for the handset today, all handset deals were already for $ 598.90.

google search xiaomi
Extra wasted no time and already announced a Samsung device for the same amount as Redmi 2 at the time the device was announced. / Google search; ANDROIDPIT

Second clue of the Xiaomi Effect

Less subtle was ASUS, who decided to play with the name as Xiaomi is being called in the country. The promotion "No more Mi Mi Mi" was launched shortly after the announcement that the Redmi 2 would arrive in the country costing $ 499.00. The cheapest model of the promotion is Zenfone 5, which used to cost $ 699 at ASUS online store and can now be purchased for 489 reais and a flip cover:

ASUS promo xiaomi
The promotion starts next Thursday (07/02), and will be in force until the 1000 units stock runs out! / ASUS / Facebook

The best part of all this is that you get it, because the greater the competition, the better the chances of getting mobile devices at fairer prices. Motorola proved this with the launch of the Moto line in 2013 and now the turn of the "Xiaomi Effect"!

And what's the next manufacturer to lower prices?

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