Xiaomi discovers brand that faked its Airdots

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  • Xiaomi started an investigation of a complaint from an online store that was reselling the fake Air Dots headphones
  • The company started an investigation together with the local authorities and managed to reach the factory that produced the counterfeits
  • The finished units were seized, as well as the materials for the production of more headphones and also those involved in the manufacturing process.

It is common to find counterfeit products from major brands. THE Xiaomi It is also a victim of companies that counterfeit their products. She managed to identify those responsible for a criminal network and they closed the factory.

This network mainly manufactured the Redmi Air Dots from Xiaomi. The wireless headphones a very famous product of the company, having many units sold. Many customers bought the gadget at unofficial stores, and complained about the quality of their headphones.

This is one of the main problems for those who buy gadgets online, other than through an official channel. The products are identical, have the same packaging and design. Despite this, the quality is much lower. There are assembly failures, which causes defects to appear in a short time of use.

Xiaomi received a complaint in March, about an online site that was selling a lot of counterfeit Air Dots. The company started the investigation, to identify the "root" of the problem. The authorities reached a factory in Shenzhen, China. Seized more of 1000 units ready.

In addition to ready products, raw materials were also retained to manufacture more counterfeit headset units. In addition to the materials, several people were also arrested who were involved in the process. Counterfeiting crime products.


Product costs the equivalent of R $ 108 and has an average battery life of 4 hours

The process of counterfeiting objects is not exclusive to the Chinese market, not just Xiaomi products. Several other equipment, of various brands, also pass through counterfeiting networks. This makes many people buy fake ones for real. The company's reputation ends up being distorted, since the products do not have the same quality and longevity as the originals.

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To avoid falling into blows, the best buy on official channels. Look for the official website of the company, if you do not have resellers in your region. There are also some other partners of the brands, which also have authorization and sell products manufactured by the company itself. This will ensure that you can complain if there is a problem with your unit.

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