Xiaomi cria crowdfunding de vaso sanitário inteligente Smart Toilet Zero

Xiaomi Creates Smart Toilet Zero Crowdfunding Smart Toilet Zero

THE Xiaomi started a project of crowdfunding for your smart toilet Smart Toilet Zero, the first complete manufacturer-type product by the firm. The company already has expertise in the production of smart toilet covers, but this is the first time they have designed the entire toilet.


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Smart Toilet Zero uses an ultra-thin integrated design that includes functionality such as a multi-mode heating system and application connectivity. MIJIA. The underside of the toilet is made of Dongpeng ceramic and has a cylindrical shape.

The seat has three speeds and three heating temperatures, which are controlled via the user's smartphone. Smart Toilet Zero even has a spray that launches a jet of water directly into the relevant area to then promote drying with a jet of hot air.

The structure that releases this spray made of antibacterial material ABS + PC, which prevents infections. The toilet still has a special washbasin for women, which uses a pore design to launch a jet like a shower. The purpose, according to company representatives, is to keep the water flowing lightly and prevent it from being blind.

Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi's smart toilet even comes with a fully wireless, touch-sensitive wireless remote. To give the user more convenience, the control has the discharge button on top, making it easier to find it.

Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Smart Toilet Zero is in the crowdfunding phase at China and has its price fixed at CNY 2,900 (R $ 1,657 in direct conversion) for those who live in the region and are interested. The company expects to begin shipping it to its customers on December 5.

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