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Xiaomi confirms Mi Band 4 release for June 11th!

THE Xiaomi Mi Band 4 already has release date scheduled. The new wearable company will arrive to the Chinese market on June 11 It is expected to arrive in India soon after. The new wearable company should arrive in three options, expected a version with NFC (Near Field Communication) and another without, possibly to deliver a cheaper version to the consumer, the third model has not yet been revealed. In addition, the manufacturer will bring a color display for this update.

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The advertising banner does not bring much information about the bracelet, but makes clear one of the big news of the wearable screen, its color display, with a chromatic circle on the screen. Xiaomi's next smartband is in many speculations and leaks that show what it should look like. To see what we expect from Mi Band 4, see the video below:

Although Xiaomi has not yet confirmed it, it is expected that the screen is approximately 0.78 inches, similar to its previous version, the Mi Band 3. Other rumors regarding the new version that the drums will be increased to 135mAh, the former was 110mAh, Xiaomi itself hints that the wearable will have a longer battery life, compared to the previous version, but did not say exactly how much it will be. Although longer, the duration is likely to be the same as the previous version, because the color screen should consume more power.


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For bracelet connectivity, the highlight will be support for the new standard Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy. Another aspect that is mentioned by Xiaomi the price, the company says it will respect and follow national prices. Therefore, the rumor that an NFC-free version, to cheapen the cost of the product, makes a lot of sense. The company also says that at the Mi Band launch event they will be released three new products, but didn't say which ones.

The release will be broadcast live on June 11, next Tuesday. The product will only be available to China on the release date, and it is expected that the next market served will be India and then start shipping to other parts of the world, which should take place by the end of June and early July.

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