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Xiaomi confirms 100W Super Charge Turbo Charger that charges 100% in 17 minutes

Lin Bin, co-founder of Xiaomi confirmed through Weibo that the company has developed a 100W super fast chargerwhich is being called Super Charge Turbo. The new technology ensures that a battery of 4000mAh charges from 0 to 100% within 17 minutes, surpassing the main competitor, Super VOOC by Oppo by almost 50%.


Technology can recharge smartphone within minutes

One of the major problems that smartphones face is the short battery life, depending on the capacity and screen of the handsets, many cannot keep a day of charging without being charged. Fast charging One of the alternatives to solve this problem, depending on the company, and the budget for the smartphone, the capacity of chargers change.

Until the model that offered the best option on the market is the Oppo Super VOOC, it makes a battery of about 3300mAh charges from 0 to 100% within 35 minutes, but only compatible with appliances of the company itself.

In Xiaomi tests it was shown that the OPPO SuperVOOC charges from 0 to 65% a 3700mAh device, at the same time as Xiaomi's Super Charge Turbo can reach 100% on a 4000mAh smartphone. To check out the video that was provided by Weibo from the test, you can click here.

The news was released the same day the company launched a provocation about the Mi Mix 4Therefore, speculation indicates that the charger will be launched in conjunction with this smartphone, something that has not yet been confirmed by the company. Another factor that could be interesting is the availability of Super Charge Turbo with compatibility with smartphones from other manufacturers.

Via: gizmochina Source: Weibo Xiaomi