Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, using iPhone

Xiaomi CEO caught using iPhone and brand fans revolt

Several celebrities have already been “caught in the act” when promoting an Android smartphone on Twitter while actually using an iPhone. How is it possible to affirm something like this? Well, some applications created for the social network show the device used to publish the tweet. In short: it is as if you were a poster boy for Pespi but, at home, your fridge was full of Coca-Cola. ?

This week, whoever put himself in a similar situation was Lei Jun, CEO of Chinese Xiaomi. In a post on the Chinese social network Weibo, the executive gave book tips to his followers. So far, nothing much, since the publication came from a Mi 10 Pro device.

One of Jun’s followers commented on this post, and he then responded. It would just be an ordinary conversation on the internet, had it not been for the warning that Jun’s response would have come from an iPhone.

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, using iPhone

After the gaffe, of course, the publication was deleted. But if you have been surfing the internet for some time and consuming technology content, you should know that if there is one thing that Xiaomi fans do, it is to defend the brand tooth and nail. Thus, not even the company’s CEO escaped the fury of some of these people – after all, Jun is one of the main faces / spokesmen for Xiaomi.

Jiutang (also an executive at the manufacturer) decided to defend the CEO and said that this practice is quite common, stating that using products from competitors (Apple, Samsung, etc.) is something normal. In fact, he went on to say that if any company does not use competitor products, it is “incompetent, hypocritical or disconnected from reality”.

I fully understand this reasoning and I have no doubt that, in Cupertino’s laboratories, there are devices from several Apple competitors being studied in some way. Hence we see Tim Cook using a Xiaomi or Samsung device … imagine how consumers and the media, in general, would react. ?

via Tecnoblog