Xiaomi breaks record and sells over 10 million smart TVs in 2019

Xiaomi shared its sales report on December 30, revealing that it sold over 10 million Smart TV units. With this, the company surpassed competitors in China, Skyworth, Hisense, TCL and others could not keep pace with the company also known for its smartphones. According to Lei Jun, through Weibo, the Chinese favorite social network, this is a record, something that goes into the history of the television industry mainly in China. And even if it was a brand new, that doesn't mean it can't repeat itself, Xiaomi's co-founder even calls those who doubt the brand for next year a bet.

With its start in the smart TV area in 2013, today Xiaomi leads the market in China, according to Xiaomi's TV department general manager. Jiang Cong, Xiaomi's general manager of sales and operations, also used Weibo to express his gratitude for the brand struck. Cong comments that the company is happy to have achieved this goal, he also comments that sales remain stable, meaning that Xiaomi can maintain its top position in 2020.

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Despite being well known here in Brazil for their cell phones, smart TVs from Xiaomi also gain a lot of prominence around the world. In India, the company is also the leader, selling more smart TVs than LG, Sony and Samsung, major name and tradition makers. It has 33% of the market in the country and continues to make investments to get an even bigger share. One of the big reasons for staying ahead is that it constantly updates TV models and also offers lower prices than its competitors. In addition to TVs and smartphones, it also sells various types of gadgets, such as smart bracelets and watches, printers, and various other curious devices.

Via: Gizmochina Source: TechSina