Espumador de cerveja da Xiaomi agora está disponível no Brasil

Xiaomi beer frother is now available in Brazil

Xiaomi, through DL Eletrnicos, is bringing to Brazil a device capable of generating that foam in beers, the idea of ​​making the drink closer to draft beer and changing some of its properties. The portable beer cooler, as called by Xiaomi, is available in versions for cans and bottles and promises to do intelligent processing in a few seconds.

To use, simply insert the piece into the spout of the bottle or can and press the start button, according to Xiaomi, the foam produced softens the bitter taste and highlights the malt. In addition, it also prevents oxidation of the drink when it comes in contact with air. In the product description, the company explains that an ultrasonic frequency with vibration of 40000 / s is used to produce the foam.

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The product can be easily loaded to different places, as the can version weighs 75g and the bottle version only 88g. Although they have the advantage of being light, however, the functioning of the devices depends on AAA batteries. Among the main materials that make up the gadget we can mention silicone and ABS.

It is possible to use it in cans of traditional sizes widely available in the Brazilian market in sizes of 269ml, 330ml and 500ml, being compatible with about 90% of the brewers, according to Xiaomi.

Interested parties can look for the product at the official Xiaomi store (DL) at Shopping Ibirapuera and also at Center Norte, both stores in So Paulo. Soon the product will reach the brand's ecommerce at mi. DL also announced that it will be possible to buy from the following sites: Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime), CNOVA (Ponto Frio, Extra and Casas Bahia), Magazine Luiza, Carrefour, Kabum, Kalunga. The price varies, but is around R $ 120.

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