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Xiaomi announces new wireless charger for about $ 15

Charging the smartphone has always been a daunting task and to our delight wireless chargers are becoming more popular. At dawn today, during an event in Shanghai, theXiaomipresented not only the newMi Mix 2Sbut also this new charger75Wfor 99 yuan, which in a simple convert stands for about $ 15.

According to the Chinese company, its new smartphone, the Mi Mix 2S It takes 3 hours to have full charge with this charger. Although it is not as fast as others in the market, like Samsung 9W Fast Charge or theAnker Powerport 10W, it is worth remembering that most of its competitors come to the market costing about $ 50.

Via: Cnet, The Verge. [TagsToTranslate] smartphone