Xiaomi anuncia Mi Band 5 com tela de 1,1 polegada e novos modos de exercício

Xiaomi announces Mi Band 5 with 1.1 inch screen and new exercise modes

Quick Reading

  • Xiaomi announced the Mi Band 5
  • The bracelet brings some novelties, such as new sports, sleep and stress modes
  • The screen is bigger, with 1.1 inches
  • The old ways, like step counting and calories, are still there
  • The charging mode has been updated to make it easier
  • The new bracelet was announced for 39.99 euros and is already available on some Chinese sites that deliver in Brazil

Xiaomi held a new product unveiling event on July 15th. The company announced five new gadgets, in addition to three new smartphones. One of the main highlights made by the company was its new smart band. THE Mi Band 5 the new smart bracelet from the Chinese manufacturer.

The company's new device features a larger display as a highlight, 1.1 inch. The other specifications are similar to other generations. The larger screen will allow more comfort for users. Thus, it will be possible to more accurately visualize all the exercise resources that are already present in other generations (step count, calories, heart rate, among others).

The bracelets have new colors, which can be chosen by users. It brings water resistance up to 5 ATM. This indicates that the bracelet can be washed without problems, such as when the user is washing his hands, or when swimming. The Mi Band 5 has a swimming mode, which will help the user to monitor the exercise.

The company says that, even with a larger display, it offers up to 14 battery days. Larger, more colorful screens generally require more energy. THE loading has also been updated to be easier, without having to remove the bracelet. I just need to plug the charger into the back and plug the device into an outlet. A charge sufficient for almost two weeks of uninterrupted use.

New exercise methods have also been added. Some of the news are: monitoring of skipping rope, yoga, and others. The system DAD will help to maintain the health of the user. It uses artificial intelligence to monitor data and formulate reports. A new sleep tracking mode was also added.

The new Mi Band will also be able to register the stress level, helping the user to relax, when necessary. A new way of taking photos has also been added. The bracelet can capture photos from the smartphone, just by clicking on the bracelet. The images are stored on the user's cell phone

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One of the most important points the Mi Band 5 was announced by 39.99 euros or 34.99 euros, in a more basic version. Considering only the current currency quote, the values ​​are between R $ 245 and R $ 215. At launch, it is available on the Bangood website for R $ 226 for deliveries in Brazil. He has a discount, his normal value should be R $ 565.

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