XFCE 4.14 finally released! Find out what's new

After long 4 years and 5 months working, the XFCE development team releases the new version 4.14.

XFCE is known to be relatively light and well conservative. It is not difficult to see some users calling it rock, therefore, its reputation for cherishing stability and not always keeping up with the latest news (as opposed to a KDE Plasma of life). However, this feature is not a defect, just a way of working.

xfce-gtk3-linux-lightweight-customizable interface

The new version of the most beloved mouse among penguins, comes full of news and polish, here are some of these main highlights:

  • Port of major GTK2 to GTK3 components, from D-Bus GLib to GDBus;
  • RandR main monitor function support area;
  • XFCE window manager now supports VSync, HiDPI, GLX enhancement with proprietary NVidia or XInput2 drivers;
  • Refinement in plugin that allowed grouping of windows in lists;
  • Synchronization between user wallpapers with Accounts and Service;
  • Possibility of scaling GTK windows in the appearance dialog box and use of monospaced font (topic viewing has been abandoned);
  • The application search engine can be opened as a single window, or traditionally. Your navigation via terminal has been improved.

The change was not just the panels or components that design and form the interface. The applications received a lot of news. We can say that this version 4.14 of XFCE was one of the ones that brought the most changes. For several years XFCE has remained only with performance fixes and flaws, with no news or additions that change behavior or any of its elements. As mentioned earlier, this more conservative feature of the project is one of the pillars that reinforces XFCE's sense of robustness and confidence. Obviously, other aspects, such as lightness and a high level of customization, are attractive to new users.

  • Thunar has received a number of features and fixes, which range from visual user experience. For example, your path bar has received a full overhaul, support for larger thumbnails and icons as thumbnails (or even music files, with albums in their thumbnails). Better keyboard navigation and Blu-ray support by Thunar volume manager;
  • Parole Media Play now has a mini mode, better integration with network broadcasts and podcasts. It inhibited screen savers or even power settings that turned off the screen during content playback;
  • The battery manager has been refined, allowing support for the XF86Battery button and the new xfce4 screensaver. In addition, bug fixes and feature adjustments already exist;
  • The panel add-on has gained new functions such as being able to display battery time or percentage and depend on UPower's standard icon to work with icon themes. After all, with LXDE migrating to QT base, the panel addon that is responsible for it has been removed.
  • The notification service received a do not disturb and persistence support mode;
  • Ristretto has improved his design and is now able to set the desktop background;
  • The transfer area manager, via GtkApplication, now has greater compatibility with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Improved pulseaudio panel add-on, providing media player control remotely;
  • The screen capture is more freedom, and the user can move the width and height of the capture selection, among other details;
  • And many more news.

For more details go to the official announcement launch of the XFCE 4.14. Remembering that the Daily Builds of Xubuntu 19.10 are with the trial version of XFCE 4.14, being a matter of time to use the final. Join our Diolinux Plus forum and stay on top of news, until the next post, SYSTEMATICALLY! _____________________________________________________________________________ See any errors or would you like to add any suggestions to this article? Collaborate, click here.

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