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Xcode, Google Maps, and SoundHound are updated with improvements and news.

One more day, more updates from the App Store.

Recently, the Xcode (Apple's app development software), the Google Maps and Soundhound (music discovery app, competitor of Shazam) have gained good news.

Let's go to the news?


Xcode app icon


in Apple

Macs compatible

Version 11.2.1 (7.8 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.4 or superior

Since its previous release, Xcode has supported the latest versions of the company's operating systems (iOS 13.2, iPadOS 13.2, macOS Catalina 10.15.1, watchOS 6.1, and tvOS 13.2).

In this update (build 11B500), however, the company reported that it fixed a “critical issue that could cause apps to crash using UITextView”, a framework text viewer for iOS, macOS and tvOS.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

The Google browser has also been updated with enhancements and bug fixes however, two new features are coming / will come to the app soon.

In the first of these, Google is offering the option to edit and manage your public profile on the platform, as reported by Android Police. Previously, users contributing to the discovery of new locations could only track their app score, but not edit or add information; They now have more control over how others view their contributions.

Google Maps Profile

The second option may be even more useful for users in general: according to B9Google Maps will gain a new tool that lets you automatically transcribe and translate what a person said in another language, depending on your location.

The aim is to make it easier for tourists to get around and communicate in foreign countries, with the option supporting at least 50 languages ​​already on launch, which should occur later this month.


SoundHound app icon

SoundHound∞ app icon

After releasing an update focused on the autonomy of its Apple Watch app, SoundHound decided to focus on its flagship platform (iOS). With the latest update, users can share song lyrics with others.

A minor change in music playback has also been implemented: now, as soon as a song is finished, the app will show you the best songs of that artist so you can discover new songs.