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Xbox X Series: Microsoft unveils new console specifications

Microsoft presents Xbox X Series specifications

Microsoft presents Xbox X Series specifications

On Monday, Microsoft unveiled new technical specifications for the Xbox Series X, the new generation of its console. Among them are AMD Zen 2 processor with eight cores and 3.8 GHz speeds, 12 teraflops RNDA 2 graphics processor, 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and SSD storage of up to 1 TB.

According to the company, this will considerably reduce game loading times. In a demonstration of the company (video below), the State of Decay 2 game loaded 40 seconds faster than the Xbox One X.

The console memory will be used as follows: 10 GB will be used to speed up graphics processing, 3.5 GB will be used as standard memory and 2.5 GB will be reserved for the operating system. The storage can be extended by external HD via USB 3.2 and support for 4K Blu-ray drive – Microsoft imagines 4K performance at up to 120 frames per second (fps).

The new SSD will allow players to continue playing instantly, even after the X Series is restarted for system updates. The game states will be saved directly to the SSD system.

The X Series will also support 8K resolutions at rates of up to 120 fps – Microsoft says it has been working with the TV industry to ensure support for the new console. Other technical details are yet to be revealed this week and more information about the games is due to start appearing in June.

With the announcement, the dispute for the new generation of consoles is already outlined. In October 2019, Sony confirmed that its next console will be the Playstation 5, which has even had the developer version photo leaked. Microsoft should not enter the fray with a single console, and that a cheaper and less powerful version of the Xbox is announced.