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Xbox Games Showcase: Halo Infinite, Forza and more! What to expect from the Xbox Series X game reveal event?

Without new hardware information, Xbox Games Showcase focus on advertising exclusive games for the new generation of consoles

After Microsoft having made a presentation below expectations in May, the Xbox Games Showcase the company's next bet to reveal its exclusive games, be they projects already announced, such as the upcoming Halo Infinite, or titles kept under lock and key. In any case, we have prepared a super list with everything that can appear, and certainly what will not be shown in the presentation.

No consoles

As much as many fans want details of the Series X, it should not appear on the Xbox Games Showcase.The Series X should not be present at the event

Much of the public has been waiting for more details about the Xbox Series X revealed on the Xbox Games Showcase, however, this will not be the case. Aaron Greenberg, the company's marketing manager has already confirmed that we will not have new information from hardware in the presentation, and the focus will be exclusively on games.

The Xbox Series X has yet to reveal major new features, with the exception of its technical specifications. The launch date, as well as its price, must be announced at the beginning of August, according to the journalist Jeff Grubb, from Venture Beat. According to him, Microsoft plans something called “Xboxing Day”, which could also reveal the speculation Xbox Lockhart, a less powerful version and possibly without a disc player on the console.

However, it is possible that the company's future streaming service, the xCloud, it's the Game Pass win good news at the Xbox Games show.

Halo Infinite

Now we can start talking about the expected games, and Halo Infinite is a more than confirmed presence at the Xbox Games event. The third game in the franchise developed by 343 Industries comes with the mission of putting the iconic saga of Master Chief on the axes again, after the warm reception of Halo 5.

The game has already won two cinematic trailers and this Thursday we will check out its first gameplay official, and possibly a launch date still to 2020, which should coincide with the arrival of the Series X to stores.

New Forza

The franchise Forza has become one of the great flagships of the Xbox over the years, setting an ever higher standard of quality with its projects, due to the partnership between Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games. However, in 2019 the series won no new game, as Playground is working on a parallel title.

Turn 10 is expected to reveal the coming Forza Motorsport 8 on the Xbox Games Showcase, and the new game, unlike its predecessor, which had about 700 cars available, should focus even more on quality than on quantity, after all, racing games are perfect to demonstrate the graphics potential of consoles , and it would not be surprising if the title also arrived at the launch of the video game.


The Fable franchise had been overlooked in recent years, but it could earn a triumphant return next Thursday.Fable one of those quoted to receive a "revival" from Microsoft

Playground became extremely famous when developing the Forza franchise, but recently started working on an “ambitious RPG”, and it seems that it is the triumphant return of Fable, another great Microsoft saga that had its last title Fable Legends canceled and the developer, the Lionhead Studios, closed.

The rumors got stronger after the company registered the brands again after years, and it is very possible that we have at least a teaser on the Xbox Games Showcase of what the studio has been working on.

Perfect Dark

The newly founded The Initiative may be working on a Perfect Dark reboot.Joana Dark must return to star in a great franchise of the 2000s

Perfect Dark a futuristic first-person action game franchise, originally developed by Rare and released for the classic Nintendo 64. This is where we start with one of the greatest mysteries of the Xbox Games Showcase.

Since 2018, rumors point out that Microsoft is working on a reboot of the saga, and with the creation of a new stadium based in Santa Mnica, the The Initiative, speculation has increased further. However, Jeff Grubb had also commented that because it is a recent project, the title would not be at the event. Therefore, the situation still remains unsolved, but it should not take so long to check the first project of the stadium.


THE Rare one of the most respected producers in the last decades, and since 2002 they are in the Microsoft family, counting on Sea of ​​Thieves as one of his great recent successes. Your appearance at the Xbox Games presentation is not 100% guaranteed, but you can mark your presence with new details from Everwild, your next project.

The scarce details about the upcoming game make it difficult to decipher its proposal, but the developer promised in 2019 that we will have new information soon, and certainly there is a better stage than this.

The Coallition

THE The Coallition took over the franchise Gears of War after splitting with Epic Games, and so far delivered two good sequences. Gears 5 was launched in September last year, so the announcement of a direct sequence is unlikely, however, we cannot rule out the possibility of an expansion of the story mode or updates to the multiplayer.

Hellblade 2

The Xbox Games Showcase will be Microsoft's central event for 2020, and the Ninja Theory one of the stadiums rated to stir public spirits with Hellblade 2. Surprised announced at The Game Awards 2019, the sequence will show a new mythological journey for Senua, our protagonist.

Furthermore, the stadium develops the mysterious Project Mara, a game that promises to be a "real and faithful representation of psychological terror". The project appears to be in the early stages of production, so it may not be a confirmed attraction for the event.


Mojang can make its mark with Minecraft franchise updates.Launched this year, Minecraft Dungeons was Mojang's latest bet

The famous creator of Minecraft you must show up at the Xbox Games Showcase to reveal news about that universe. Minecraft Dungeons, recently launched, proved another successful test to expand the franchise into new horizons. However, we do not know whether the stadium is planning a new venture for the future.

Obsidian and inXile

Obsidian, developer of The Outer Worlds, may reveal its next game soon.The Outer Worlds competed in the Best Game of 2019 category on the TGA

One of Microsoft's major acquisitions in recent years is Obsidian Entertainment. The stadium responsible for such successes Fallout New Vegas and the recent The Outer Worlds has the talent to create great titles and can paint at the Xbox Games event with a new RPG, but due to the launch of Outer Worlds last year, his next project may still be far from the launch.

In contrast, the inXile also a recent purchase and launch Wasteland 3 coming soon. The franchise owner also Bard’s Tale their upcoming titles have not been revealed and it will not be surprising if the producer passes the event blank, since they must be in the embryonic stage yet.

Undead Labs, Compulsion Games and Double Fine

Known for the franchise State of Decay, a Undead Labs was acquired and may be working on the third game in the saga, as suggested by Matt Booty, head of the former Microsoft Studios. In parallel, the Compulsion Games, which in 2018 delivered the weak We Happy Few, was hiring a lot of new employees to develop his next game, which has great chances of appearing.

THE Double Fine a confirmed presence at the Xbox Games Showcase with Psychonauts 2. The game be multiplatform and according to its founder, Tim Schafer, the purchase of the stadium by Microsoft saved the project, which was already without funds to maintain itself.

New stadiums?

Some rumors put Warner Bros. Games in the sights of Microsoft and other major producers.Warner's gaming division could join the Xbox family in the future

Microsoft has already stated that it is still open to making new acquisitions, and recently, at a Game Stack Live conference, let it slip that it made a recent purchase. Among the speculations, it is commented on the desire to acquire a Polish stadium, and the great nominees are the The Farm 51 (World War 3), People Can Fly (Outriders, Bulletstorm) or even the French developer of A Plague Tale: Innocence and the future Flight Simulator, Asobo Studios.

However, Microsoft, together with Electronic Arts, Activision and Take-Two dispute the purchase of Warner Bros. Games, Warner games division. With the purchase, the company would have stadiums like WB. Montreal, Rocksteady, NetherRealm and Monolith, responsible for games like franchises Batman Arkham, Mortal Kombat and The Lord of the Rings.

However, the Xbox Games Showcase may not be the advertising stage, as purchases of this magnitude take time to be completed, and we also cannot expect characters like Batman to come to the deal, as they depend on independent licensing.

Third Parties

Ubisoft has a history of revealing gameplays at Microsoft events, and Far Cry 6 may be the game of the season.Far Cry 6 can paint on the Xbox Games Showcase as one of the attractions of other publishers

A console doesn't live on exclusives, and the Xbox Games show could be the stage for companies like AND THE, Activision, Ubisoft and Capcom show new games from your portfolio. Many fans have been waiting for new information about Elden Ring, new game from From Software, written jointly with George R.R.Martin, creator of the Ice and Fire Chronicles, but there is nothing concrete yet.

Many news

Fortunately, there were no major leaks regarding the presentation and we can expect a lot of news about the gaming industry. THE Xbox Games Showcase takes place next Thursday, the 23rd, at 1 pm, and at noon, Geoff Keighley present a pre-show with some surprises, and you can check everything here at Showmetech.