Servidor X - Linux

X Server Vulnerability Over 23 Years Discovered

Failed already lasted 23 years!

X11 had a bug discovered that is as old as Linux

According to website information Hispasec A flaw in code has been discovered that allows the attacker to gain root privileges. Server X - Linux

According to this bug as old as Linux itself being around 23 years old, the bug was discovered by chance and the developers have already released a patch to "plug this hole".

Although the problem has existed for so many years there is no record that a Linux system was attacked on its account, curious that a few hours after it was discovered the bug was fixed but it took 23 years to be noticed.

No more what you user should always do to keep your system up to date, soon this fix should arrive; soon also X must retire giving way to Wayland and Mir or just one of the two, you never know …

Server X still has no retirement date, it looks a lot like that football player who has already announced that he wants to retire but is still playing while the team is winning.

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