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X-ray shows how camera button works on Smart Battery Cases on iPhones 11 and 11 Pro

The news Smart Battery Cases To the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max arrived last week with a little surprise: the addition of a special button for camera of devices, which serves as quick access to the application (when outside it) or as a trigger button.

It's all pretty, but the question is, how does this little button work, considering it doesn't have a counterpart in the body of the iPhone itself? THE iFixit She took it upon herself to find out the answers to that question and, I must say at once, we have no great surprises here.

The repair company did an x-ray analysis of the new Smart Battery Case and found out how it works: we have, in the accessory, a small circuit board which connects to the Lightning button and connector on the case's β€œchin” the connection, in turn, ensures that special button commands are sent to the iPhone.

X-ray of new Smart Battery Case

The button itself, iFixit notes, slightly recessed from the surface of the case and requires you to press it for a few moments to activate everything so that you don't accidentally open the camera in your pocket or purse, for example.

Apart from that, there is nothing particularly noticeable about this new version of the Smart Battery Case: all models have a battery of 10.9Wh (divided into two cells) and not much more internal components which is obvious as the idea here is to include as much extra life as possible for your iPhone.

Enough, isn't it?

via 9to5Mac