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WWDC19: watchOS 6 will come with its own App Store, new health features and menstrual monitoring

After tvOS 13, we now have a slew of news for Apple watches that, as announced, are already the # 1 in the world: ladies and gentlemen, watchOS 6 it's between us!

To start with, we have a number of new dials. Most of them have a simple, minimalist design with analogue style; another of them brings large numbers for a quick schedule check. There is still a classic "California" dial and another that varies according to the position of the sun on the day; Apple Watch may finally make a sound or vibration at the turn of the hour.

WatchOS 6 receives three new native apps: a voice recorder, an audiobook, and a calculator are all packed with extra features, such as a tool to quickly split the bill among friends and tip a restaurant.

Keeping the technique, we have one of the big announcements of the day: standalone apps for watchOS that is, apps that don't necessarily need to be linked to an app on the iPhone. To help with this, Apple has announced a number of new APIs that developers can take advantage of: the two cited by Apple are: runtime extended and that of streaming of audio.

App Store on watchOS 6

Of course, standalone apps mean one thing: App store! In watchOS 6, the store will have its own version of the watch, with the ability to search and download / purchase apps, check information and check creations highlighted by the store's editorial team.

In the field of health and well-being, watchOS 6 will have something new in the Activity: Trends app that will analyze your history and let you know if you have slowed down in any aspect of your daily activities, giving you recommendations on how to get back on your peak. .

WatchOS 6 and iOS 13 App Activity Trends

In addition, the watch will contribute more to the hearing health of users. Apple Watch automatically detects when too loud a sound next to you may damage your audio, notifying your wrist immediately that audio will not be recorded or saved by Apple, of course. There is also support for more types of hearing aids.

High volume detection on watchOS 6

Women will have an extra twist on watchOS 6: full menstrual monitoring. It will be possible to record occurrences, check forecasts and calendars and receive notifications when menstruation is near. The data will be processed in a way that facilitates possible medical diagnostics, and everything can also be accessed by the Sade app (Health) on the iPhone which, incidentally, has been redesigned to accommodate the news, with better organization of home screen highlights, recommendations and trends.

Numerous other new features in watchOS 6, such as Shazam music recognition, have been cited briefly in the keynote and will certainly be unraveled later when beta releases begin to emerge.

To accompany the arrival of watchOS 6, Apple has announced a number of new summer bracelets for the watch including the new “Pride” bracelet we have already talked about.

New Pride dial and bracelet on watchOS 6

Apple has not commented yet, but watchOS 6 is expected to be released to all users in September along with its other operating systems.

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