WWDC19 Predictions: Independent iPad and Apple Watch, iTunes Dead, and More!

WWDC19 Predictions: Independent iPad and Apple Watch, iTunes Dead, and More!

Only four days to go. WWDC19And, as expected, the rumors machine of the news that will be presented at the conference is more active than ever. Today, Mark Gurman (from Bloomberg) has published an overview of everything he has heard from his extremely accurate sources lately and we have covered all the major predictions here.

End of iTunes

<img data-attachment-id = "661996" data-permalink = "https://.uol/post/2019/04/05/itunes-podera-ser-divided-in-varios-apps- no-macos-10-15 / 05-itunes-3 / "data-orig-file =" https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/05-itunes.png " data-orig-size = "2254,696" data-comments-opened = "1" data-image-meta = "{" aperture ":" 0 "," credit ":" "," camera ":" ", "caption": "", "created_timestamp": "0", "copyright": "", "focal_length": "0", "iso": "0", "shutter_speed": "0", "title": "", "orientation": "0"} "data-image-title =" iTunes "data-image-description ="

Official image: https://www.apple/apple-music/

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This has been a controversial topic since the rumors began: the death of iTunes was already thought likely a few months ago, but speculation changed direction when it turned out that Apple would keep the infamous app as the basis of the new Music app. would be contrary to what was predicted based on the “Marzipan Project”.

Gurman confirmed that iTunes as we know it today die, giving way to a trio of new Mac apps: Music, Apple tv and Podcasts. According to the rumor, users can manage their iGadgets through the Music app, which, once again, shows that the software is in fact an iTunes “heir” with fewer functions. That is, a death, but not a complete death.

Apple Watch Independent

Corroborating previously fanned rumors, Gurman also stated that Apple Watch will gain a new dose of iPhone independence with the watchOS 6. The watch gets its own App Store which can reverse the scenario of developers leaving the platform in droves and have new native apps like a calculator and a voice recorder to call their own. We will also have new messaging features, although it is not clear how this will happen.

most powerful iPad

New iPad Air

It's no secret that Apple wants to make the iPad (or the iPad Pro more specifically) a capable replacement for the personal computer. At the iOS 13, these ambitions will become even clearer: According to sources heard by Gurman, the update will bring big news to tablets, such as new features on the home screen and multitasking giving yet another reason for users to let go of their Macs / PCs in favor of touch sensitive devices.

Universal Apps

Apple should deepen its push on the “Marzipan Project,” which brings iOS apps to macOS, to take another step in the company's ecosystem unification project, a project where all apps would run on all products. Apple, without major modifications.

The process is still expected to take a few years, but Apple will introduce a few more apps passed by the transition. The company also releases, according to Gurman, updates to applications such as Sticky notes it's the Health (more about him below), as well as news on Maps, at the posts, at the Books, at the House and in Mail beyond the j spec fuso Search My iPhone with Search My Friends.


New skills will be added to Ma's Health platform. People with hearing problems, for example, may receive warnings on their devices when the ambient sound of a venue is too loud or when the playback volume of their iPhone or Mac is too loud; support for hearing aids be expanded.

<img data-attachment-id = "638631" data-permalink = "https://.uol.br/post/2018/08/23/saiba-how-to-manage-app-data- health-and-use-iphone-bedtime-feature / 21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data / "data-orig-file =" https://.uol. com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data.jpg "data-orig-size =" 700,1142 "data-comments-opened =" 1 " data-image-meta = "{" aperture ":" 0 "," credit ":" "," camera ":" "," caption ":" "," created_timestamp ":" 0 "," copyright ":" "," focal_length ":" 0 "," iso ":" 0 "," shutter_speed ":" 0 "," title ":" "," orientation ":" 0 "}" data-image-title = "Data Health Guide "data-image-description ="

Source: https://support.apple/en-us/HT203037

"data-medium-file =" https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data-368×600.jpg "data- large-file = "https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data.jpg" src = "https: // .uol/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data.jpg "alt =" iOS Health Data "width =" 700 "height = "1142" class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-638631" style = "width: auto; max-height: 571px; "srcset =" https://.uol/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data.jpg 700w, https : //.uol/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data-184×300.jpg 184w, https://.uol. en / wp-content / uploads / 2018/08/21-ios11-3-iphone8-health-health-data-368×600.jpg 368w "sizes =" (max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px "/>

iPhone and Apple Watch will gain a native menstrual cycle monitoring tool, while the watch will also have a reminder feature for people to remember to take their medicine.

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