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WWDC19: macOS Catalina will kill iTunes and support iPad as external monitor

After the performance and money-laundering of the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, you need a system that goes with it and not just him but also the most modest Mac. macOS Catalina.

To begin with, the rumors were right: the iTunes It's dead. The age-old multimedia software was broken down into three apps: Music, Podcasts and Apple tv. Apple Music is a MacOS version of the app, with a good old sidebar and all the platform navigation features you already know on iOS.

"New "New

How much synchronization of your devices? Well, she's not there anymore, and in fact, now she's absolutely silent. If you connect your iPhone to your Mac, just go to Finder and find the device there to manage your preferences and content.

Podcasts also have a sidebar and navigation similar to the iOS version, with an interesting new feature: Apple is using machine learning to index spoken podcast content that you might be interested in, the search is much smarter.

The Apple TV app, in turn, looks like we have on tvOS, with 4K HDR playback support on Mac, including Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

MacOS Catalina Sidecar Feature with MacBook Pro Screen Extended on iPad Pro

A new feature arrive at macOS Catalina: the Sidecaris a way of using the iPad as a secondary monitor (something also rumored). The feature can be used wired or wireless and even includes Apple Pencil yes, you can use your iPad Pro as a tablet for Mac.

The new system also gains a powerful accessibility feature: full voice control. A quick demonstration from Apple shows the possibilities of the tool, which allows people with mobility issues to fully control their Mac with voice-based fast command navigation, next action prediction, and numbering of options on the screen. The feature also comes to iOS, it should be noted, and all voice processing is done locally, without sending to Apple servers.

Fetching My Friends (Find My Friends) and Search My iPhone (Find My iPhone) was gathered into one app called Search (Find My) is available on iOS and macOS. With it, you can find offline devices via Bluetooth signals, such as a lost Mac in the house, which sends Bluetooth signals to other nearby devices to find it even if the screen is closed. All this encrypted and anonymous.

Already Safari gets an updated home screen, integrated with Siri Suggestions to improve the recommendation of frequently visited sites, bookmarks, iCloud tabs, Reading List items, and links received by Messages.

New Safari home screen on macOS Catalina

With macOS Catalina, we will also have an activation lock on Mac so that if the computer is stolen it could be completely unusable. Just be a recent Mac, equipped with the security chip T2.

Use Time on macOS Catalina

IOS's Uptime feature is also coming to Mac, with all the features we have known since iOS 12.

"Notes "Photos

Talking about apps: Photos, Notes, and Reminders got the buzz out of iOS 13, and we have a new initiative called Project Catalyst nothing more than a way to build Mac apps based on iOS or iPadOS apps (yes, what we know as the “Marzipan Project”).

With the news, developers will be able to create apps for all platforms at the same time, with minimal differences and tools to cover differences between each platform like the presence of the mouse, for example. Just check the "Mac" box in Xcode.

Twitter running on macOS Catalina thanks to the Catalyst Project

Development Tools

The developer tools have received news. In terms of augmented realityWe have a new Swift API called RealityKit, which guarantees photorealistic rendering with camera effects and ambience, as well as animations, realistic physics and audio.

"More "More

To accompany the news, we have the new ARKit 3is a good update that brings several new features, such as the ability to hide people from a real-time capture (so that objects are behind them). The API can also perform motion capture, so that a virtual model reproduces a person's movement in the same frame; Mojang has even made a very impressive live demo of the new technologies with their upcoming game Minecraft Earth.

SwiftUI in Xcode 11

The language Swift has also received profound improvements: we now have, for the first time, a framework created specifically for the programming language, called SwiftUI. It significantly reduces the amount of code required to create a particular element in an app and greatly simplifies the work of developers. A demonstration on Xcode impressed the audience with an extremely intuitive workflow, with live preview of creations, support for drag & drop, action forecasting and native support for popular features such as iOS 13 Dark Mode. You can use SwiftUI to build apps for all Apple platforms, from macOS to watchOS.

macOS Catalina on a front facing MacBook Pro

The first beta of macOS Catalina 10.15 is already available to developers today, and the first public trial version will be available next July. The system will be available in the fall of the northern hemisphere, ie between September and December.