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WWDC19: iOS 13 comes with Dark Mode and great performance!

As expected, Apple announced today at the opening of WWDC19 your new version of iOS, including the commented, expected and leaked Dark mode. Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, began the presentation of the iOS 13 precisely as a demonstration of the new interface in action.

IOS 13 home screen on an iPhone XS Max

The home screen doesn't change much (the look is obviously heavily influenced by the wallpaper used), but the dark outfit comes with a number of changes in the main apps. Starting with the keyboard, which now supports gesture typing with the so-called QuickPath It's finally an option that Gboard and Swype already offered, but with the benefit of being totally native.

QuickPath on iOS 13 Keyboard

Other central areas of the system have also been fully renovated. The sharing sheet brings smart suggestions and better options organization.


Apple again gave a special focus on iOS 13 performance, promising 2x faster app launch and 30% faster Face ID unlock. Not bad.

It is also optimizing app binaries, which provide downloads 50-60% lower than before.

Mail and Notes

"iOS "iOS

There are new options for customizing text shared between apps. Mail gets new formatting options (with fonts) and Notes gets a gallery view for its content.

Sticky notes

The Reminders app has been completely redesigned, more intuitive and organized. He understands what you are taking down, suggests things to insert in notes; There are new types of alerts and even to integrate cited people into annotations.


Initially limited to the US state of California, Apple's new mapping will be taken to local numbers.

In recent months we have seen cars developed by the company starting coverage in new countries, including special sensors and spatial mapping. However, entering new data into the app is restricted to the rest of the United States for now.

Maps app new features in iOS 13

There is also quick access to favorite places in the new Maps interface, location collections (such as travel planning) and more. Tapping a binocular icon on the map gives us a 360-degree view of the location. O “Street View” from Apple called Look Around.

Apple Maps Look Around on iOS 13

Privacy and Apple Login

Apple is building even more app protections, such as allowing your location to be used only once. Controlling abuse of APIs has also been mentioned, but with little detail possibly a bland message compared to recent app bans that exploited the iOS MDM interface.

Sign in with Apple on iOS 13

In third-party system logins, Apple wants to prevent users from being monitored by offering a “Sign in with Apple” (“Sign in with Apple”). Apps may request your name or email, but Apple allows users to hide their real emails using a secure, single app redirector. Something quite interesting, which allows users to cancel their communication with certain companies altogether, as their final address is not exposed.

HomeKit for Cameras and Routers

Apple is also implementing privacy news on HomeKit, with a special focus on security cameras.

Many of these cameras send footage to the cloud, risking the privacy of the user. That's why Apple is launching HomeKit Secure Video today. The videos are analyzed on the user's own iPad, HomePod or Apple TV, and then securely uploaded to iCloud.

Routers will also receive protocol support, with initial support from major brands sold in the company's stores, such as Linksys (available in Brazil) and eero (United States only).

Messages and Memoji

The most important customizations gain greater support in the former, which now supports the publication of information such as profile picture and name through the iMessage network.

Memoji in iOS 13 Messaging app

Memojis already support new elements such as piercings, teeth customization (even braces), earrings, more hair shapes, hats, glasses and even AirPods why not? 😝

We will now also have Memoji Stickers for you to use in Messaging. You use your own Memoji with predefined expressions. That is, the expression emojis we already know can be used with your look and feel to use them in third party apps.

Photos and Camera

In iOS Camera, we now have a new white look in Portrait Lighting mode. It is possible to make light intensity adjustments, just as we can do in a real studio.

Cmera app on iOS 13

The Photos app, however, concentrates most of the changes. With a fully reworked interface for Dark Mode, editing tools are more intuitive and functional, for example, allowing you to rotate videos.

Photo browsing has also been revamped on iOS 13, exploiting machine learning to eliminate unwanted duplicates or screenshots (and their similars in the physical world).

Browsing photos on iOS 13

Photos now also creates a cleverly organized “everyday of your life” type in a new tab of the app. There are redesigned views for years, months, and days, with contextual previews.

Siri, AirPods and HomePod

This year, Apple will also bring some news to increase the usefulness of its assistant through various interfaces that are obviously the new audio accessories for Apple devices.

With iOS 13, Siri will be able to read and reply to messages while you are using AirPods. The reply can be sent even to third party messaging apps.

An appeal of audio sharing: with one touch, the audio sent to two pairs of AirPods simultaneously!

HomePod is supported by Handoff (Continuity) Then you can keep listening to an iPhone song on it just by zooming in or out. A new radio feature enables playback of over 100,000 (!) Live radio stations from around the world.

Also on HomePod, it will now be possible to customize responses according to who in the family is talking to him. Basically built-in multi-user support for music, messaging and many more “finally” event.

Siri shortcuts running on iOS 13

On iOS 13, the Siri Shortcuts app becomes native and more powerful, with new suggestions for automations alongside the system to encourage users to adopt it.


CarPlay's interface is being improved, with more controls seen at the same time and some redesigned apps. Siri now runs over the entire interface and can control more third party apps like Pandora and Waze.

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Apple has not commented yet, but iOS 13 should be released to all users in September, along with its other operating systems.