WWDC'17: As expected, new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is released; 12.9 inch model is updated

The fifth news on the sixth, as Apple warned of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 was the iPad. The executive Greg Joswiak was responsible for taking the stage to talk a little more about Apple's tablet.

As expected and rumored to be, we have a new iPad Pro today, with a screen taking up a larger area of ​​its front. Only 10.5 inches in total (or 20% larger). The edges have been reduced by almost 40%, and it still weighs the same as the “old” 9.7 ″ Pro model.

New iPad Pro with Colorful Charts

Why 10.5 ″? Well, according to Apple, it's the perfect size for a full-size virtual keyboard as well as a Smart Keyboard. More than 30 languages ​​will be supported by the accessory, including Chinese and Japanese.

But today's news is not just for the iPad Pro 10.5 ″, no. Both sizes of iPad Pro have gained new screens True tone copm brightness up to 600 nits, support full color gamut, low reflection and HDR video.

Apple Pencil on 10.5-inch iPad Pro

There is also a new feature called ProMotion. To date, screens update at 60Hz (60 times per second). In the new iPads Pro we go to 120Hz, as rumors also indicated. The movement of content on the screen becomes much smoother / more natural, but only to realize it. ProMotion also reduces Apple Pencil latency to 20ms. These displays are also capable of changing their refresh rates dynamically from 24Hz to 120Hz, which saves battery power when you do not need to upgrade so quickly.

ProMotion on iPad Pro

On performance, iPads incorporate the 6 core A10X Fusion chip (3 high performance, 3 high efficiency). There is a 12 core GPU with 40% more graphics power and a CPU with 30% more performance.

iPad Pro with A10X Fusion Chip

The performance of the new chip was demonstrated on stage by Serif developer Ash Hewson, who used the Affinity Photo app (which will arrive today App Store) with the Apple Pencil on a 12.9 ″ iPad Pro he demonstrated the creation of a Movie App by iPad app, smoothly and with 120Hz refresh rates. Everything instant / instant, including filters, layers and effects.

The new iPads Pro continue with the same 10h of battery life; Speaking of cameras, they incorporate those of the iPhone 7 with 12MP and optical stabilization. The 7MP FaceTime front with wide color capture. The full screen functions as a Retina flash; There are new accessories with USB 3 support (faster) and faster charging (yes, half time) on iPads with USB-C adapters; As always, the accessories have also been updated. There are new Smart Covers made of polyurethane and leather and even a case for the Apple Pencil.

Pro iPads with accessories

IPads Pro now starts with 64GB of memory (twice as many as before); in the US, they start at $ 649 (10.5 ″) and $ 799 (12.9 ″); There are even models with 256GB and 512GB! All are for sale in the USA from today.

Person working with Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro

Because of timing Of course, the new iPads will obviously come with iOS 10 installed. But iOS 11 will bring a lot of news to the tablet, most likely the most anticipated update by iPad owners who actually use the tablet to work as a replacement for their computer.

iOS 11 for iPads

The Dock is more powerful than ever, with much more room for apps and a smart right area. It can be slid under the screen from any app and from Dock itself you drag and drop apps into Slide over and then and can expand it to the Split view. The app swap interface is now also more optimized for the screen and the whole system supports drag and drop (drag & drop) with multi-touch!

Drag & drop on iPad Pro with iOS 11

QuickType has also been enhanced with smart keyboard symbol selection (simply sliding one key down to enter a number / symbol) without having to switch the full keyboard mode.

As expected and leaked shortly before the presentation, the new Archives app (Files) has been confirmed! Here you can easily manage files and content all over your iPad. There are grid and list views, with details, filters, sorting, folders, etc. There is a side column of favorite items and it is very easy to drag files between the various areas of the app.

On iOS 11, users can bookmark / annotate any content of apps that support PDF generation with Apple Pencil. Now when taking screenshots, a thumbnail appears in the corner of the screen and allows you to automatically and immediately jot it down with the pencil. Apple Pencil also integrates better with the Notes app, with quick access and handwriting content search that can draw seamlessly through text, and the app even comes with a built-in scanner (which removes perspective from the photographed document) .

Apple Pencil on iPad Pro with iOS 11

O Developer Preview iOS 11 release today; Apple Beta Software Program users will be able to download the new system and test it at the end of the month; the launch, as always, will be a few months from many tests and refinements.