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WWDC Day 3: Brazilian highlighted in the Swift Student Challenge; Lisa Jackson and former US Attorney General discuss diversity

With the transition from WWDC for this 100% online format, Apple has adopted the practice of publishing summaries of the main events held on each day of the event.

Today, Apple released a video summarizing the third day of the conference (Wednesday), which can be watched below; below, we will highlight the two most interesting parts.

We received a summary of several new features on Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network, including achievements, ratings and tactile feedback for controllers. Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of environment, policies and social initiatives, held a conversation with former attorney general Eric Holder on the issue of race in America. And we learned about new opportunities in the photo picker API, digital car keys and much, much more.

Swift Student Challenge

Apple highlighted some of the more than 350 winners in the Swift Student Challenge, a challenge that encourages students of programming languages ​​from around the world to create applications, experiences and games with Swift Playgrounds.

As we mentioned, more than 50 of these winners are Brazilian (we have already talked to three, including) – and today Apple highlighted one more of them: Henrique Conte, student at the Apple Developer Academy in Porto Alegre.

Henrique created a three-minute game for the MacBooks Pro Touch Bar; the idea is to help Eleanor, an intrepid developer, to escape the cave where she has been searching for exotic technologies. The young developer already has other apps on the App Store, which can be checked out here. Congratulations to him!

Apple also highlighted the work of Louise Pieri, a young French developer who created a project called Meep, and Devin Green, an 18-year-old United States developer who created a bot of artificial intelligence called Stanny. What talent, huh?

Lisa Jackson and Eric Holder

Meanwhile, Apple’s vice president of social, political and environmental initiatives, Lisa Jackson, did a remote interview with Eric Holder, former US Attorney General. The conversation mainly revolved around race relations in the country and the importance of fostering diversity in the technological world and in the developer community.

My dear friend and former cabinetmate @EricHolder and I sat down to talk about race in the US – the struggle that is going on right now, the systemic problems that led to the current situation and what awaits us. Check out the full # WWDC20 conversation here:

Holder – the first black US attorney general between 2009 and 2015 – said that with Apple tools, developers are in a position to build applications that strengthen their communities and help people fight for their rights:

If these communities focus on their problems, in union with large companies like Apple, it is possible to have a very significant impact. We are at the beginning of something that, in the end, will lead to some positive changes.

Jackson and Holder (who were cabinet members in the Obama administration) also spoke about the recent anti-racism protests that have taken over the United States and the world, noting that the demonstrations will force citizens to “have a much-needed conversation”. They also highlighted Apple’s $ 100 million investment in a new equity and racial justice initiative.

The full interview with Jackson and Holder can be seen here.