App Swift Playgrounds no iPad

WWDC 2016: Apple launches Swift Playgrounds, new app to teach code on iPad

Many of the advances in language Swift now happen openly through your open source project (open source), but even so Apple managed to keep some things up for advertising at WWDC 2016. One of them was the new app Swift Playgrounds, a solution created to teach code by iPad.

Swift Playgrounds app on iPad

The app is structured through lessons and really has a playful character but used to teach development in a productive language in the world. Furthermore, Playgrounds they are an excellent approach to test and evaluate algorithms, which makes the new application very useful for professionals.

Swift Playgrounds is an app entirely created to take advantage of iOS features. Apple has extended the QuickType keyboard to offer relevant commands and suggestions while the user programs. It can be used for both logical and graphical development, taking advantage of all the capabilities of the iPad hardware.

Swift Playgrounds app on iPad

Apple plans to launch the final version of Swift Playgrounds in the autumn of the northern hemisphere, but a preview is already available for download today and users will be able to have beta access next month.