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WSJ claims that Apple is testing designs for “iTV”, but that project is still in the early stages

iTVThe wave of rumors that Apple is developing a television is getting stronger. Sources of Wall Street Journal claimed that Apple is actually creating an iTV.

According to the vehicle, the Cupertino giant has been testing different types of designs for a number of years. The sources say the company is working with Sharp and Hon Hai to test HDTV designs, but that the project is still in its early stages.

With the newspaper's claim that it almost always gets it right when it comes to the Apple issue, we have one of the first most reliable indications that Ma is actually working on a television. However, one of the sources said the product was not yet a formal project.

It seems that Apple is still facing some problems to fill the television with content. According to WSJ, the relationship between the Cupertino company, cable TV companies and content holders is still tense. Despite its power over other markets, the company is failing to close major deals with major entertainment companies.

In addition to integrating the iTunes Store, iTV is also expected to bring a more fluid and simple experience for browsing between conventional channels. If we know Apple well, it will not be content with just a screen that reproduces content, but with something that really changes the way we use television.

Tim Cook, CEO of the company, even talked about this in his interview Bloomberg Businessweek: When I go to my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I'm back 20, 30 years in time.

(via TNW)