Write without distraction and easily export your texts with the Ulysses app

If you are someone who spends a lot of time writing for work, study or leisure, you have certainly experienced the frustration of having to worry too much about formatting and exporting your text, whatever the platform you are using. Many small details end up taking us away from the text, making us less productive (and much more frustrated).

Fortunately, the app Ulysses, created by The Soulmen, came to facilitate writing and the whole process after it. As they themselves describe in the application's introduction material, “there is no‘ open ’or‘ save ’everything happens within the app itself”. this is the premise, the great differential of the application.

The latest Ulysses update brought a complete integration between OS X and iOS. The app works in exactly the same way on all devices (although it is better with a keyboard due to the ease of shortcuts). The very modern and organized design. As soon as you install Ulysses, you already have access to a series of pages to introduce the application. Unfortunately, there is still no support for our language, which can make it difficult to understand the mechanics of the app. But, if you are one of those who get your hands dirty and understand, you won't have any big problems.

The differential

There are a variety of applications that already use Markdown (simplified formatting language). However, through Markup (markup language), Ulysses seems to revitalize this system, showing different markings in different colors and facilitating the insertion of links, images and videos. If you are used to text formatting “on the fly” (stop writing, select your text and click on the option and watch the text transform) you may find it strange and difficult, but after a few minutes, you can see many advantages.

It is also possible to configure our own marking system so that the adaptation is better. The text, as it will look, you will see when exporting (there is the option to preview it before exporting).


The entire text configuration pre-established by styles (styles), each for a different format type. You can use the styles that come with it or add new ones by downloading from the website. These styles dictate the rules of the types that can be exported: PDF, DOCX, HTML, ePUB, Rich Text and Medium (synchronizing your account, you can send it directly to l).

Tip: we found a style with the formatting of our ABNT obliged to be lit that had this brilliant idea! 😀


Information and pages within the application can be saved directly to iCloud or Dropbox (on other cloud services, the application will save as if they were external files; integration is not as simple, although possible). By integrating with iCloud, the backup is stored and it is possible to check the previous versions of a page, in addition to working perfectly by synchronizing all your devices.

Other Tools

Among the various tools that make the app stand out, are:

  • Possibility of Slide Over, Split View and 3D Touch (on compatible devices);
  • Goals and Statistics: define goals to be achieved (such as number of words, pages, etc.) and follow them;
  • Key words: categorize your texts just by entering a keyword;
  • Groups: organize your texts as if they were folders (you have different icons to select and customize your groups);
  • Filters: within groups, you can filter your texts by keywords, date of creation, among other conditions;
  • Grades: add notes to your texts, either within the text itself (as a footnote) or as a reference (in the Attachments tab);
  • Images: just like notes, you can embed images within the text itself or have them attached, just for reference.

Worth it?

The Ulysses app is for both simple texts and well-crafted publications. Yes, there are other cheaper (or even free) apps if you want to use them for simple notes. Despite this, I believe that the investment is very worthwhile if you work with texts and need to produce a lot in a short time.

If you find it expensive but are very tempted to buy it, you can try (ZIP) an official demo version of the Mac app with some limitations (like not syncing with iCloud and, after 10 hours of use, becoming a “read-only” app) .

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