WPS Office gets update on its Linux version

Many who come to the Linux world are accustomed to using Microsoft's Office suite, known as Microsoft Office. Because of this it is very common for people to save their files in Microsoft proprietary formats (.docx; .xlxs and .pptx), so when using these documents on Linux, they face some problem or incompatibility with them. WPS Office comes to meet this need.

As usual in program updates, the traditional bugfixes and enhancements are present in this new version of WPS Office for Linux, which is maintained by the community and not directly by the company, but has its endorsement.

Some improvements present in this new version,, are:

– New skin style, icons, control points, support high resolution display and appearance customization.

– New pages, integration of recently opened documents, local templates, document templates, online templates, etc.

– New embedded browser. (It is not a web browser but the ability to open multiple documents simultaneously. Like the tabs of a browser.)

– Support for inserting images in SVG format.

– Supports QR Code and barcode insertion.

To check out the other news of this new version of WPS Office, just access the link.

To download it, you will find it in official .deb and .rpm formats and you can download it via this link.

If you already have WPS Office installed, when you run it, a popup will pop up on your screen warning you that the new version is already available for installation. As per the screenshots below.

But what about Snap and Flatpak formats.?

WPS Office is also distributed through these formats, but is maintained by the respective project communities. In the case of Snap, there are three (3) publications about it and they are still in version or 58. As you can see in this link. Already in Flatpak format, it is already in the latest version at and packaged and published by the Flatpak community, Flathub maintainers. To download just check this link. If you need to install some of these technologies, we have articles on how to proceed: Snap and Flatpak.

Tell us what you think about this new version of WPS Office and if you use it or if you already used it.

Hope to see you next, a big hug.

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