WPA3 Security Protocol is announced by Wi-Fi Alliance

WPA3 Security Protocol is announced by Wi-Fi Alliance

O Wifi It is one of the best known internet connection options in the world. Since its popularization, billions of people and millions of companies use the wireless method to transmit data and perform the most diverse actions that exist. Therefore, as the number of devices increases, it is important that the security level of the connections accompany this growth.

To improve the security of wireless networks, Wi-Fi Alliance organization promoting and certifying Wi-Fi standards announced protocol certification WPA3. The new “standard” addresses various vulnerabilities that exist in the WPA2, for both personal and corporate networking environments, and adds new features to simplify security.

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For over a decade, the WPA2 protocol has been used to deliver users the best Wi-Fi solution on the market. However, this protocol has some weaknesses that may be significant depending on usage. These may include hackers capturing an encrypted data stream from your router and attacking your network at any time. Because it is not necessary to remain connected to the router to guess what the network password is, attackers ignore the limits that the router itself places on repeated access attempts.

Among the enhancements, WPA3 includes a more robust password-based authentication system that reduces the chance of a hacker “guessing” your password, individualized data encryption to protect against Wi-Fi interception (Protected Management Frames) and the ability to protect data traffic even if the network has been breached.

The new protocol also includes new quick configuration options for smart home devices through Easy connect It is also available for the WPA2 protocol, a feature in which the network owner defines the best authentication method, which can be as simple as scanning a QR code.

For businesses, governments, and financial institutions, WPA3 offers an optional mode using minimal strength 192 and 384-bit security protocols popularly using 256-bit keys. Thus, the implemented cryptographic tools promise to better protect confidential data.

As announced today, new routers and network distribution devices with the new security protocol are due to be released soon, so WPA3 will not be in use for now. The good news is that it maintains interoperability with WPA2 devices, so there is no need to update all devices on the same network after upgrading the device. hot spot.

In addition to WPA3, the 802.11ax, the replacement for 802.11ac. The new protocol allows faster data speeds than existing routers, and the first devices that rely on the new technology should also take a while to reach stores.

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