Steve Wozniak apresentando sua plataforma de educação digital Woz U

Woz U: Steve Wozniak launches its own digital platform for teaching programming languages

There is nothing to strengthen the theory that they are friends or have previously agreed on this, but the fact that, a few days after Tim Cook says that learning programming languages ​​would be even more important today than learning English, a name beyond important in the world of technology is launching its own online programming course. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about Steve Wozniak.

Woz, who happens to be my best friend (he just doesn't know it yet), today announced the Woz U, a "world-class digital institute" whose main objective is to provide people with an easy and accessible way to learn to program and, therefore, conquer their place in the increasingly broad world of technology.

As the co-founder of Apple states:

Our goal is to educate and train people in “employable” digital skills without imposing on them a debt that will take years to pay. People are often afraid to choose a career in the world of technology because they think I will not be able to pursue it. I know they can, and I want to show them how.

The platform is part of Southern Careers Institute, a private educational institution based in Texas, will start offering various digital education and training platforms, with some different options of programs and content for different areas, such as software development and technological support. The classes consist of videos and students will have direct access to instructors and exercises carried out in real time. The idea is that eventually more than 30 headquarters in the real world will also be established for face-to-face classes.

In addition, the official Woz U app has already been made available for free on the App Store, which allows users to do tests to define which area of ​​the technology world they fit into most easily; the app also offers the possibility for students to pre-enroll in the course directly from their iPhone screen.

Woz U app icon

The idea is very interesting and totally consistent with the personality of Woz, who has always been a strong proponent of digital education and has already spent several years of his post-Apple career teaching technology in primary schools (this subject of Motherboard a great portrait of this chapter of your life). Good, Woz!

via MacRumors