Would you have the Linux Creative Suite?


Many who begin their journey in the Linux world ask whether the tools of Adobe (Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.) have versions for the system, as they are already used to using such tools and switching to another would result in a learning curve that not everyone is willing to do

Adobe often claimed that Linux would not have a very large base to have the “investment” and port its most famous tools to the penguin, so much so that in 2011 they issued a note through their product manager, Carey Burgess, saying that the Adobe Creative Cloud package was on the engineers’ radar to make the port, but they were unable to do that at the moment.

Recently, a user asked on Adobe’s Twitter why they ignored the port for Linux, specifically Adobe Premiere, asking if it was expensive to do the port and if they had a market request for it.

In response to this user, the Adobe account commented that their Engineering “has limited resources and there is not a big enough demand for a Linux version of Premiere yet…” (is it really?).

The Adobe account also asked to access the forum link for people to vote and leave a comment.

See the tweet below.

To get an idea of ​​the strength and of a possible market that could be opened, Forbes journalist Jason Evangelho did a poll on his Twitter with a sampling of 1600 votes, where he asked what factor was still preventing people who use macOS and Windows to switch to Linux and 25% of people voted for the option «Not having a version of Adobe applications», followed by 23% «Not having hardware support» and 43% for «Games».

You can check the survey here.

This shows that the Linux market can grow very fast if a company like Adobe embraces the system, noting its benefits.

In the meantime, we have apps that can be used fully and with a high degree of satisfaction.

We have GIMP and with our complement PhotoGimp can make coming to Linux much smoother and easier

There is also Inkscape for those who need to vectorize images that have a very high quality.

Another software that is gaining notoriety is the Kdenlive for video editing, responsible for the production of the Diolinux channel on YouTube

So far poll has more than 4266 votes and 1172 comments asking for the size of Adobe’s programs for Linux.

As print below.

To vote and leave your comment, access the link.

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