Would you buy (or have already bought) an outdated smartphone?

I already bought a smartphone that comes out of the factory outdated, and I believe you have gone through this also in your life. So the purpose of our survey today is not to judge purchases we have made, but to know if you have ever regretted them or would repeat that choice again. After all, would you invest in a smartphone with updated system?

Buying a smartphone with an outdated system may seem like a choice with no user alternatives sometimes. This happens mainly when we like a certain brand, we want its latest release and we end up revealing some cons of the model.

Many comments from readers here from AndroidPIT illustrate well this situation, where the fact that a device comes with less power, less RAM or lower screen end up being highlighted by the user. In fact, we often pretend not to see some cons, all in the name of the heart's mark. However, the bill comes later, and almost always high.

androidpit Kitkat vs Marshmallow
Still worth buying a device with KitKat or Marshmallow? / AndroidPIT

When the software is already out of date, for example, we have a clear sign that the manufacturer has also highlighted important characteristics that a release should have, often underestimating its users.

It doesn't take long for us to fall into a charging situation, where we go behind the manufacturers to charge the update that our smartphone deserves. However, many brands don't even have a relationship channel that informs their users about the progress of updates, especially those that sell many models. Many disappear, leave the user literally in hand.

Manufacturers dictate the rules and our role is to question, analyze and debate in advance about something we want to buy. Outdated software is definitely not a good sign, guaranteeing the user nothing, undermining the user experience and has several other cons.

It could make an article part about the negatives of an outdated handset. Today, however, I come to ask you:

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