New mini Macs are now available for purchase in Brazil

Would the new Mac mini be overrated?

The Mac mini was finally upgraded a year and a half after being aesthetic in the Apple line and, although it brings a lot of news in two models of the same price as the predecessors, many question: would it be overvalued?

Mac mini (front)

In the last few days, I read two articles on the subject one from Macworld and one of Low End Mac and here I am to summarize the situation. First of all, it is good to make it clear that Apple did not enter and should not enter a price war so soon with competition in any of its product lines, by the way.

Constant analysis shows that the company has been working for a long time with a huge profit margin, something that no other company in the industry can afford to do. It could offer the basic $ 600 Mac mini for $ 500 (or maybe even $ 400), but once inside that average, it would have no way to get back current, otherwise it would be lynched by consumers. In addition, adding news to the product would be much more complicated, since it would have to constantly adapt to the costs involved in order to continue making a profit from its sales.

What changed from 2007 to c?

After so long without an upgrade in the line, it was to be expected that practically all the technical characteristics of the new Mac mini would be modified. Said and done: we are talking about a machine with a much more efficient CPU, with a speed of clock upper j in the entry model. In addition, it is the first Mac mini with a faster optional processor: for $ 150 more, it is possible to exchange the 2GHz chip for a 2.26GHz one.

Mac mini (rear)

Add to the package a faster memory bus (1,066MHz, against 667MHz), a maximum of higher RAM (4GB, compared to 3GB before and that would be unofficially, if not 2GB), hard drives with greater capacity, much improved graphics ( NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, against Intel GMA 950), support for the use of two simultaneous monitors (already with a Mini DisplayPort output), plus USB 2.0 ports (five, against four), FireWire 800 and improved outside management.

Two other very important aspects cannot be left out: in the most basic model, Apple continues to deliver 1GB of RAM (against 2GB of the best), but for the first time in a single 1GB module, instead of two 512MB. This means that the person can update the computer with more memory without losing anything they already have. In addition, its Wi-Fi card now 802.11n, accompanying the rest of the current line of Macs.

Apple vs. Dell

What I see most today are comparisons of Apple computers with Dell offerings. In fact, there are those who say, without much research, that this machine has less than $ 300 in the market, but the initial appearances are deceiving.

Customizing a Dell Inspiron 530s with components and specifications similar to the Mac mini, the machine totals US $ 700, bringing a processor slightly superior to the Ma computer, lower graphics, external speakers (bleh!) and the same amount of RAM and HD capacity as the $ 800 Mac mini. And that, of course, without taking into account the operating system + iLife ’09, connectivity, no headaches with viruses and spyware and, still, a beautiful design that is very friendly to the environment, by the way.

Competitive or not?

Without going into the merit of discussing the price of Macs in Brazil that are really not the basis for anything and discarding comparisons with the informal world of assembled PCs, put the Mac mini side by side with similar offers from major reputable manufacturers like Dell and HP it makes it very competitive and nothing outside the acceptable average price.

The Spanish website Applesfera also published a comparative table between the new Mac mini and a Dell Studio Hybrid, perhaps its PC created to really match the offer of Ma. Considering only the fundamental characteristics of the two, it is clear that the mini wins in several aspects and still it gets cheaper, in general:

Mac mini vs. Dell Studio Hybrid

Looking at all of the above, the new Mac mini may be more expensive in the nude and raw number, but I wouldn't mind paying $ 100 (or even $ 200) more for quality assurance and the total experience provided by a product from Apple, from the construction of its hardware to the operating system itself is definitely something indispensable for me.

Pay less relative.