Would the iPad Pro be better than the PS4 for gaming ?!

Of course, the question has many pitfalls and it all depends on what you think is most important. For example: is portability something you need? So you have nothing to think about. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing sprawled on the couch on a giant TV, the console may be the best option – even if that is technically possible with an iPad Pro.

But that was not the central point of the video. THE YouTuber Austin Evans spiked that the iPad Pro is better for one reason: the screen ProMotion (120Hz), which makes the game much smoother and even responsive (after all, if you have more frames per second, when you press a button, the response in the game happens faster).

And pressing a button is something very important in this equation, too: this is because the iPadOS 13 has support for console controls (such as the PS4’s DualShock 4).

Evans’ video perfectly shows the difference in the quality of the Fortnite game running on the Nintendo Switch (at 30 frames per second), the PS4 (at 60 fps) and the iPad Pro (at 120 fps) – the game was recently updated precisely to support the 120Hz tablet screen. How did he make it visible to us, here on the other side of the screen? Filming with a RED camera in 5K resolution at 120fps, and putting the image in slow motion.

Fortnite app icon

At this point, there is nothing to discuss: the iPad Pro even beats consoles, which are 100% dedicated to games. Of course, for that you need to have a game that supports 120Hz screens. It is important to make it clear, too, that when choosing 120fps the graphic quality is automatically set to “average”.

In addition, the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will support 120Hz, but you will still need a television that also offers this, otherwise … nothing done. On the iPad Pro, the package comes complete and you can have fun at will – with the limitation of an 11 ″ or 12.9 ″ screen, obviously, as well as the games available on the App Store.


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