Would OS X Mountain Lion consume more MacBook battery than it should?

MacBooks Pro Battery s Apple launches a new operating system (whether desktop or mobile), that some traditional complaints reappear. In the case of the newly released OS X Mountain Lion, a topic on Apple's support forums has already accumulated more than 200 responses on high battery consumption.

In general it is common to see users complaining “out of mouth”, without scientific tests or concrete numbers. Furthermore, it is complicated to characterize a problem when the variations are small, as this involves many factors including specific hardware components in different models of MacBooks (Air / Pro).

However, in this case, users report a drop in autonomy in the 50% range, which is absurdly significant. It is not surprising that Apple representatives are already analyzing the problem and collecting records from these users in order to find a solution for future Mountain Lion updates.

Is anybody going through something similar?

(via Ars Technica)

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