Worm infects iPhones in Australia

The first worm for iPhone, which is infecting users of Apple’s mobile phone in Australia. Only users who manipulated the operating system are affected.

According to security experts, quoted by the international press, the worm received the name of Ikee and changes the wallpaper of the iPhone to an image of pop singer Rick Astley, still trying to spread to other equipment. However, there is a risk that this “failure” will be used for other purposes, such as obtaining private data.

The worm was developed by Ashley Town, a 21-year-old student, who has boasted about the feat on his Twitter account and has been interviewed by various media outlets. In an interview with ABC, he confessed that he has been receiving requests to disclose the code of the worm.

Apparently the worm is not easy to remove but only affects users who have installed the Unix SSH software and who have not changed the “alpine” password that they have configured for root access.

Graham Cluley, an analyst at Sophos, writes on his blog that this type of malware will tend to increase in the near future. SophosLabs has already analyzed the code and admits that there can be at least four variants and indicates that it is full of comments that indicate that the worm was written “just as an experiment”.

An image taken from the screen of an iPhone with the worm was published on this analyst’s blog, which we reproduce here.

Image name

Just last week a Dutch hacker had hacked iPhones that were vulnerable to the same flaw that has now been used.