World's First Standalone Operating System Announced

Oracle Corporation is a company specializing in hardware and software development, as well as a database. Many may know the company for its powerful relational database, because Oracle Database SGDB most used in the world. We do not forget Java, also the responsibility of the company. oracle-autonomous-linux-servers-system

With a strong market position and good reputation, Oracle is also a leader in many industries, known for its innovation in the software world. After just over two decades of launching its first commercial relational database for Linux, the company is betting on a standalone, Linux-based system.

Oracle Autonomous Linux OS The First Autonomous System Developed

Designed as a server side solution with a lot of flexibility and huge scalability. Oracle's Linux distribution provides peace of mind in cloud server maintenance as it can autonomously employ the patching process, has system monitoring and control capabilities (regardless of whether they are running under Linux, Windows or later versions of Oracle Autonomous Linux OS).

It is estimated that precious IT resources can be freed up, focusing on strategic tasks in the area. According to Oracle, with the help of machine learning, the cloud infrastructure API is capable of running automated patches, security reports and management of all configurations.

The key features of Oracle Autonomous Linux OS are:

  • Automatic correction and adjustment, with generation of OS diagnostic reports;
  • Maintenance of the Linux kernel and the Key User Library through the automated installation of security patches daily. Also providing protection against internal and external malware attacks by blocking any known exploits;
  • Elimination of unnecessary downtime in all processes.

Commenting a bit more on the standalone operating system, IDC's Vice President of Open Source Software Development Group, Al Gillen, said: This feature effectively turns Oracle Linux into a service, freeing customers to focus their resources on IT in application and user experience where they can offer true competitive differentiation.

Oracle Autonomous services and system management are included with Oracle Premier Support, which is a support service for the corporate world. According to one company estimate, most customers can save 30-50% on total cost by utilizing all the benefits of their autonomous system.

Notorious is the domain of Linux in the corporate world, a large part of the penguin-based internet. Look that there are people who still claims that Linux is not good, there is patience ().

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