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World of Goo is one of the most famous indie games in the market. Not so long ago, an Android version was also released. As we all here from AndroidPIT had heard very well about the game, we decided, of course, to try it out. And our team's conclusion, finally, is the same as the compliments we've heard so much: it's undoubtedly one of the best Android games we've ever seen. If you still doubt this conclusion, follow our review of World of Goo.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.0.2Mods: Root

The first thing to do from the main menu is to choose the world in which you want to play. At first, only one of the worlds is enabled to be selected. Worlds and levels must be enabled according to how much you play. The levels come in a kind of map, very similar to Mario. You must build your way to the highest point in the world in question. This highest point is undoubtedly the hardest level a world contains.

World of Goo reminds us of a game called Tiki Towers. Your goal is to reach a certain point in the game space. For this you will have balls, from which "arms" sprout and allow you to create as a support (like a scaffold) to reach your goal. These are the balls that are called goos. And there are different types of goos in the game. There are some of these balls that can only be used once; There are others that can be relocated elsewhere along the way to your ultimate goal. What's more, there are goos that start a fire and others that you can shoot.

To pass the level it is necessary to build a scaffold in a juice tube. The remaining gouges will be sucked into this tube. Only a minimal amount of goos can be left over to effectively pass the level. In many cases, you will first have to build a scaffold to the sleeping goos. They will be awakened and may also be part of the construction of the main support. For this, of course, there are many obstacles to overcome. What makes the game interesting is the difficulty level of all these obstacles. In case your building made with goos collapses, you can go back in time by tapping on a flying "thing". This feature cannot be used at all points of your journey, not even all the time. Do not use it often as there is a limit to using this feature.

The principle that governs the game is very easy to grasp. This does not make World of Goo an easy game. Perhaps the success of this game, which in this respect closely resembles Angry Birds. Best of all, World of Goo also has a story. Goo balls are responsible for keeping the world running smoothly. An evil company really wants to exploit goos and thereby destroy the world. That's why you should play: You help the little balls goo save the world from the enemy. Not bad the combination of an interesting story with such a simple game. There is behind World Goo a lot of creativity, no doubt. Some of our colleagues even claimed to have had more fun with World of Goo than with conventional console games.

Worth mentioning is the soundtrack of the game. The background music was very well made and gives a very interesting touch to the game. The different worlds definitely match the trail. A deficiency associated with the track is that there is no way to disable it while playing. Although we do not consider this something that compromises the optimal quality of the game.


The World of Goo of those games that already make its users excited from the first moment is one of the few that arouse emotion. If the combination of enthusiasm, action and emotion is what counts for a game, then the World of Goo of those who achieve such a goal. We suggest that you play at least once. Otherwise, you are missing out on something interesting about the world of Android games.

Screen & Controls

The World of Goo controls work very well. Some of our colleagues have even compared the PC game to the touchscreen game and say the second most interesting version because their controls work better. And even catch a goo in the middle of as many others as possible, because with the multitouch function allows the player to enlarge a certain area of ??the screen.

The game's graphic and animation associated with it are very sophisticated. This creates an interesting atmosphere for the player. We were definitely impressed.

Speed ??& Stability

World of Goo works very smoothly and it takes a long time to load it. One downside, however, is that sometimes when you turn off the device screen and turn it back on while playing, the game platform shifts in half to the left side of the screen. You will need to turn the screen off and on again.

Price / Performance Ratio

The World of Goo costs 3.94 and is worth every penny invested in it. Without a doubt one of the highlights among the games for Android. There is also a free demo version. It may be interesting to download it to come to the conclusion, for us, that the paid version is worth buying.

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