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Working with reselling Linux servers

If we were to compare with cars, it would look something like taxis or Uber. Imagine you have a fleet of cars, you rent these cars for other people to drive and other people rent the cars to be transported, those would be the passengers.

In the case of server resale, we have a company that has a huge infrastructure to serve its customers directly, but has so much performance, space and structure left over that it can afford to rent some of its infrastructure for others to resell and take care of. . Quite simply this is what happens with the reseller of HostGator for example, but of course there are more details behind it.

HostGator customers are usually looking for good hosting, but what if you buy servers to sell to them? their customers? How is this possible?

exactly what the reseller plan enters. You can buy access to a control panel that gives you the ability to manage your own hosting service, creating differentiated plans to offer to your customers, including differentiated prices.

A chance for professionals and non professionals

It is interesting to note that if you are an experienced SysAdmin, who is unemployed or wants an extra income, or someone who just likes working with Linux, servers and related, that kind of tool can fall like a glove.

IT professionals

After all, you may not even have physical access to serversBut for a pretty low price you can get access to a solid infrastructure without having to worry about space, cooling, hardware, or anything else and can focus on your business.

For people with less experience or looking for a first job, instead of waiting for something to fall from the sky, it can be a chance to start your own venture.

In the minds of creative minds, reselling hosting servers may or may not be your primary product. A developer might offer his own hosting service, with his logo, his custom-named DNS to his client as an extra, after all, he would need to work with some hosting anyway, because there is no one that he himself controls, at the ?

To make it easier, within HostGator, for inexperienced people, you can use the website builder that we show in another channel video to further increase the chances of raising some value.

Recognizing the market and acting

We'll need to get a little out of the technical business of server reselling to understand the implementation of entrepreneurship related to it. We can paint several different scenarios to work in this branch, so it is difficult to specify any with all possible variables, however, I will give a perfectly applicable example in the city where I live, I'm sure many blog readers are in a similar condition.

Analyzing the market

My small town has a flow of people around 60,000, and 40,000 people are considered by the statistical sense to be fixed in the city. A little technologically backward in general, there are, yes, several people and companies around here who work with the industry, but in general, the lay people of the subject.

To give you an idea, there are computer companies in town that still use Ubuntu 8.04 on their servers and can do nothing but format Windows computers, if you need to change a part, you probably have to look elsewhere. Everyone is looking for cost savings, optimization and performance, but most don't know where to find it.

Looking at this scenario, I see immense potential for exploitation, if I were to knock door-to-door, I would recognize that (kicking) at least 60% of the city's traditional businesses don't even have a website, let alone have a hosting concern , DNS, SEO, etc., etc.

So that anyone who decides to work in the server reseller area here can be a good advantage, offering full services and a first class structure, like HostGator, can put different values, after all, is the law of supply and demand. But in addition, one thing that can be considered a big differentiator in a city with this profile, the service provider is close. Amazingly, there are still many conservative people when it comes to trusting the services of people who do not live in the same city, whatever the service.

Of course, a resale is not limited to your city, working by digital means the sky is the limit, including internationally, however, in which case you must create a combo to have some relevance, leaving the workplace mode you may end up competing directly with other companies, including HostGator itself, so the service you offer needs to account for some differentiators, for example, you create a basic customer site, you support via WhatsApp, you work with design and you can create visual identities, etc. Here is your creativity.

Nothing is easy, everything is possible.

The available tools

The HostGator folks are a great partner here on the blog and they have given us access to these reseller tools within the medium plan, but for the comparisons that can be made, even the basic plans can do.

The service

In reseller mode, you can host several different sites on the same plane and they have some differences between them which we will comment later. Although I'm talking about entrepreneurship here, this kind of plan can also cater to those who simply need to host many sites, making it more viable than having a different account for each, fewer slips, less hassle, more efficiency.

Speaking of features, by becoming a website reseller at HostGator, you could create a website for your reseller for free through the company's automated website creation tool, but of course, you can also put your website yourself up and running. Another cool thing you can have is an email with your domain and offer it to your customers as well. As I've mentioned before, these reseller plans also allow you to create your own plans, with the features you want, to sell for the price you want, giving you a lot of control over your project.

Since you only have remote access to server hardware, support works around the clock, 7 days a week to help you, get your questions answered, or ultimately support you. : D

Free tools

One of the coolest things by far is free access to HostGator WHM, it's the simple and intuitive control panel that will allow you to manage your hosting company. You can then provide your customers with access to their own cPanel so that they can create and modify their websites, manage their domains and subdomains, email accounts and more, all under your control. Also, from there you can set up additional things you might want to offer your clients, such as free domains, SSL certificates, etc. All of this is scalable, meaning as your business grows you can expand further by changing your plan and perhaps getting to the point of receiving a special plan that is specific to your needs.

In addition to all that has been commented so far, HostGator Hosting Reseller Plan also has the following features, features and warranties:

  • Domains, subdomains, email accounts, MySQL databases and unlimited FTP accounts;
  • Easy to use control panel;
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed for your downtime project;
  • Private DNS servers based on your domain.

Several things are also free in their plan, which in other places generally paid, such as:

  • Website creator;
  • WHMCS for customer management and billing;
  • Reseller Club Reseller;
  • SSL certificate, etc.

Already inside your WHM control panel you can:

  • Create your plans with different stores, monthly traffic, among others;
  • Monitor Server Status;
  • Modify passwords, DNS, create and delete accounts;
  • Customize your customer's control panel with your Logo;
  • Work with clusters and more.

Through cPanel you can use HostGator's automatic installer and create the base installation for online stores, blogs, websites, forums, create forms and more. You will have access to website statistics through AWStats, Webalizer, access logs and also error logs.

Any programmer will appreciate knowing that you have easy access to an unlimited number of MySQL databases with access to phpMyAdmin, as well as programming language with CGI, Fast CGI, PHP, Ruby (on Rails), Perl, Python, among others. In addition, there are still programming modules like Curl, CPAN, lib GD and ImageMagick and finally, you can control all of this via SSH and even schedule tasks via Cron (Linux handling is good in that case, they usually use CentOS as distro) .

All that has been mentioned so far goes into HostGator customer support, you just have to worry about supporting your own customers. We still have the environmental care part, HostGator invests in Elica energy to neutralize its carbon emissions, in addition to buying renewable energy credits.

If you got here

Because the subject has caught your attention, and not least, really a great opportunity with low risk, if all goes wrong, you simply terminate your account and do not have thousands of dollars in hardware stopped.

If in doubt, contact HostGator Support, there are several attendants, forums, video articles and tutorials on each product to help you, and you still have the ticket system.

Good luck, see you next time! 🙂