Workers sue Wintek after cases of poisoning during the manufacture of iPhones

At the end of February, we released a very serious case that was registered at a Wintek factory in Taiwan: 62 employees were poisoned by the industrial chemical n-hexane used, among other things, to clean iPhones and iPods touchscreens.

Wintek factory in Taiwan

Now, according to the Stratfor Global Intelligence, 44 of them decided to sue Wintek for the dangerous working conditions to which they were exposed. The manager who was responsible for the factory until the incident was fired.

The case draws a lot of attention because lawsuits are quite unusual in China. There, it is normal practice to resolve disputes internally even in serious and serious cases, such as child labor abuse.

Although none of the 62 affected employees died after the accident, many of them have been hospitalized since August last year. The chemical component, in some circumstances, can cause brain damage and even paralysis.

(via Barrons)