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Words and expressions that marked the year

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

This year, the TeK team decided to highlight in the 2005 balance sheet the words that most distinguished themselves in terms of predominance or relevance to the area of ​​Information Technologies. Among the Glossary that we now propose you are highlighted the main news of the year, as well as the design of some trends to observe for 2006.

Away from the euphoria of the bubble years, in 2005 there were already phenomena of new growth in ICTs, with the return to big business, multiplication of products and the continuation of the war between the big companies. But optimism does not prevail in all sectors, with the continued crushing of margins for the sale of PCs and mobile equipment, the growing competition from Asian countries and new threats to the telecommunications business.

We therefore invite our readers to visit each of the highlighted words and we wish everyone Happy parties.

Mobile Broadband

Digital Libraries


Software Donations


Call Portugal

Media Center (in Portuguese)

Mobile TV


Technological Plan

Networks discount

Data retention


Triple play