Word Count: 10 Best Online Options

Anyone who writes (whether for work or school) knows that word count is always a very important factor. This way you can have a good measurement of your text, as well as being a potential requirement of the written text. Fortunately, there are some very simple ways to make sure your text is the right size. To do this, just use a word counter, which is easy to find online. But if you're curious about the best word counter options, you can check out our suggestions. See them in detail in the list below!

1. Invert

Our first recommendation is Invert. It is a very simple site, clean, without many ads and that serves very well as a word counter.

You can either write it directly or paste the text in question in the blank field. It's nice that it not only counts words, but also shows the number of characters and lines. You can use the site via the link.

2. WordCounter360

Already the WordCounter360 even more complete. Therefore, it ends up being much more suitable for those who want something very detailed about your text.

In addition to being a word counter, it shows the number of characters, phrases, paragraphs and possible keywords. Definitely a good option if you want something more robust.

The site can be used completely free of charge and does not have many advertisements. You can check it all out through the link.

3. How many words

The How Many Words site operates in a similar manner to others. You can either write straight into the blank field or paste the text already done there.

Your words will be counted as soon as you click the "Word Count" button. The process is very simple and can be done as many times as you need. The site can be used for free through the link.

4. Character Counter

Another site with a very simple name that meets what does the Character Counter. It has virtually no ads, but can be used for free as often as needed.

You type or paste the text into the blank field and it gives you the information you need. You will be able to see the number of words, characters with or without space and the number of lines. You can check more through the link.

5. CiaWebsites

count words

CiaWebsites offers a few different tools on your site, including a very useful word counter. The site itself is very beautiful and without much distraction.

As with other options, you can type or paste the finished text into the blank field they offer. This shows the number of characters, words, lines, letters, numbers, and even symbols used. You can check more through the link.

6. How many letters

How Many Letters is basically an extremely similar alternative to How Many Words. It is up to you which one you want to use.

It also counts the words in your text within seconds by simply clicking on the "Character Counts" button. The site is completely free and you can check more through the link.

7. CalcuWolrd

CalcuWorld is a much more polished alternative than the others. The site has much more ads and has other calculation tools besides the word counter.

Either way, he does the work of counting words very well. Just write or paste your text on the site and it will give you the information you want in seconds. Check out more through the link.

8. 4Devs

4Devs offers several cool tools on your site. One of them is our desired free online word counter.

The site itself is very clean and without many advertisements. You can type or paste your text there to see the number of words, characters, lines, vowels, spaces, and numbers. Very complete to say the least. You can check more through the link.

9. Site112

Despite the weird name, Site112 offers a good word counter. The site is very simple and only has this function, although it has some ads along the page.

Just paste or write your text to see the details of the amount words and characters. You can check more through the link.

10. Word Counter

online word counter

Finally, we have an option called nothing less than "Word Counter." As you can imagine, it offers exactly what we are looking for.

The cleanest site on this list, without any ad or additional functions you would not use. You type or paste the text into the blank field and see everything you want to know in detail.

They show the number of words, paragraph characters and even the density of words found in the text. Check out more through the link.

Did you like the word counter options?

Could you use our list to find some interesting word counter options online? Do not forget to leave your comment telling us which option you prefer and if there is one you usually use and that was left off our list.