Without Internet? Game hidden in Google app resembles Chrome T-Rex

It happened to you, I bet. You ran out of internet on your computer, and when you opened a new tab in Chrome, that nice gray T-Rex came up, and you spent a few minutes of your life having fun while the connection didn't come back. A simple but addictive game, so you want to keep jumping cacti.

On the smartphone, we had nothing like it at times when neither Wi-Fi nor data is present. But something has just come into Google's hands, and best of all, you already have it in place, since it gets in Google searches, not Chrome itself.

Take the test now, you don't even have to be without internet. Turn off your smartphone connections manually, go to the Google search bar (or the app) on your smartphone and type anything by pressing the search button or magnifying glass. At the same time, the app alerts you that you are out of mobile data, or are disabled, and a cute animation of a cloud on a boat appears.

google app 2
Simple and addictive / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Click on it and you are immediately taken to a simple but once again addictive game. A nice cloud has an umbrella and needs to fly past obstacles such as birds and rain clouds. a game reminiscent of the T-Rex mixed with the late Flappy Bird (who remembers?), and just touch the screen to play.

The game appears on any version of the Google app above v9.46.6.21. If you for some reason do not have this app on your smartphone, or it is not updated, follow the link below:

Install on Google Play

Did you play Flappy Bird?

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