Without Internet? Check out the 15 best offline games for Android!                             Who says that to have fun you need internet? Several free Android games are available on Google Play for offline fun that leave nothing behind to those who require …

Who says that for fun I need internet? Several free Android games are available on Google Play for offline fun, leaving nothing behind to those requiring network use.

There are options for action games, strategy, adventure, puzzle, racing and more. To help you, AppGeek has selected the top 15 free offline games of 2019 to pass the time without spending money or the internet. Check out!

1. Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey Best Offline Games Android

Sequence of the game Altos Adventure, the Alt Odyssey of the genre endless runner (continuous race, in Portuguese). On a board of sandboardYou can explore a number of challenges in dune, canyon and temple city settings.

In all, there are 180 goals to be achieved. This requires facing sandstorms, wind vertices, escaping lemurs, climbing stone walls and much more.

Although you need to collect points, escape obstacles and perform maneuvers to get bonuses, the experience can be considered relaxing. This is because the original soundtrack and beautiful graphics are a part experience in this title.

2. Badland

Set in a forest full of mysterious beings, Badland is an action adventure game with over 100 levels available. The player controls one of the inhabitants and needs to overcome obstacles and challenges to find out what's going on there.

Your goal is to survive every step through immersive graphics and audio that only increase attention. After all, unexpectedly, I have to face liquids, flamethrowers, ice, magma and water.

A mode is also available. multiplayer, which allows up to 4 players on the same device. In this category, there are over 30 stages in the best style save anyone who can.

3. Sand Balls

Sand Balls Best Offline Android Games

Simple and addictive. Perhaps this is the best way to define Sand Balls. The unpretentious look and intuitive gameplay make the title so popular. Your goal is to drag your finger across the screen and trace paths for the balls to slide through the sandbox.

Obstacles need to be avoided to complete each phase with the largest number of marbles within the path. The challenge increases progressively with each step. The only problem with playing offline is the inability to exchange earned diamonds for their performance for prizes.

4. Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a retractable action game with graphics and a soundtrack. Its mission is simply to save the world by recovering a magic stone that maintains the planet's equilibrium. The item was stolen by aliens.

To do this, you must battle enemy armies and explore dungeons with the help of heroes of unique abilities and over 170 crazy weapons available. There's no mystery: Shoot alien monsters and run away from shots to win.

5. Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D Best Offline Android Games

Fun Race 3D virtually fulfills the dream of participating in classic TV show scavenger hunts in the 1990s. Your character competes against opponents on completely crazy circuits. I need to dodge boxing gloves and giant hammers, roulette wheels, run away from pendulums, and more.

The idea of ​​developers is to offer players the experience offered by the practice of Parkour, is a method of training to overcome physical obstacles with body strength only. Ideal for those who have no patience for long games, each step can last a few seconds. It all depends on your performance.

The title has very simple graphics and gameplay, but nothing that diminishes the addictive footprint of this game.

6. The Frostrune

The Frostrune Best Offline Games android

Do you like Nordic culture and are enchanted by Viking adventures and mysteries? So The Frostrune has everything it takes to become one of your favorite games.

First by the story. You are a sunken man who wakes up on an island where the population seems to have fled in a panic a short time ago. Your character must explore the place and try to find out what happened in the midst of a dense, mystery-filled forest.

To decipher the puzzles, I need to use the objects you find along the way. Another reason to love the game is the look, all hand drawn.

The original soundtrack is also inspired by the viking theme and perfect for immersion in the game universe.

7. Pocket City Free

With Pocket City Free, you must build and be mayor of the city itself. Its purpose is to structure and manage the site. It is necessary to assemble the residential, commercial and industrial areas.

But not only work residents live. Therefore, planning recreational areas such as parks and recreation centers is crucial.

As a ruler, he is responsible for maintaining the peace and balance of the place, dealing with situations ranging from parties to shootings and fires. The better you take care of the city, the more money you earn to expand and make improvements for the population.

8. I Love Hue

I love hue best offline android games

I Love Hue is a game for those who want to relax and really relax. The modern jigsaw puzzle features pastel pieces, which must be combined harmoniously – not logically.

That is, in this title, aesthetic common sense is what matters most. It is necessary to have keen perception to find the slightest difference between quite similar colors.

With each phase, the difficulty level increases. But there is no race against time or opponents in more than 900 available stages.

9. Adventure Llama

Meet Pablo, the llama, who explores runes that were built by his Inca ancestors. Adventure Llama is a game like this endless runner, horizontally oriented and retr.

To pass the levels, I need to help the protagonist jump obstacles and solve puzzles. Collect coins and make points along the fundamental journey to conquer new worlds.

Coins also help buy accessories or unlock some disguised llamas. There are zebra costumes, tourist, skull and more.

10. Major Mayhem

best offline android games Major Mayhem

Another infinite racing game, Major Mayhem features 3D graphics. The look makes the mission of helping the protagonist save his girlfriend from the evil army even more immersive.

To do this, I need to evade obstacles, fire attacks and face enemies with his arsenal of over 20 different weapons. The challenge has more than 45 stages and 150 mini misses.

11. Sniper 3D Assassin

Sniper 3D Assassin Best Offline Games android

Sniper 3D Assassin is a first person shooter game. The game has hundreds of missions, lots of easy and intuitive weapons and commands.

Produced with very realistic 3D graphics, your goal in this title is to become the best sniper in the world in the midst of a world war. For this you need to save hostages, shoot down helicopters, be nimble, and of course very good at sight. Do you accept the challenge?

It is worth mentioning that the game contains adult content and its developers warn that it should not be downloaded by children and adolescents.

12. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Android Games offline

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is a bloody and fun horror game, which we don't recommend for kids. In the title, the player takes on the persona of Jason Vorhees, the serial killer of the movie sequence Friday 13.

Its mission to terrorize and persecute people around the world, from camps, resorts, skyscrapers, prisons and more. All of this, running away from traps, the police, land mines and even the killer's mother.

In all, there are over 100 mind-blowing challenges to play offline.

13. Brothers Work: Time of Reformation

In Brothers Work: Reform Time, you can feel inside the TV show Brothers And, as with attraction, help twins Drew and Jonathan Scott build a dream house.

The user can plan environments, help clients, renovate properties and more. In addition to being a way to unwind, the game can also help anyone who wants to transform their own home with ideas and decorating tips.

The more you evolve, the more coins you earn to buy virtual items for your work. The title offers an offline game mode that lets you follow the fun anywhere, even without internet.

14. Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the third in the fight game sequence. In this sequence, you need to choose your side in the fight between the shadow world and a military tribe called The Legio. To do this you can select one of three different combat modes.

The clashes between the pairs, produced in rich 3D graphics, can be 2 or 3 rounds long. Through the available commands it is possible to attack the opponent with punches, kicks and casting spells and objects.

Throughout the conquests, the warrior can collect various weapons and equipment. Among them are helmets, armor and even special powers.

15. Space Marshals 2

Space Marshals 2

Continued from the game of the same name, Space Marshals 2 is a shooting game that mixes science fiction and westerns. With a superior version of the scenario, it is possible to accompany the protagonist in the 20 missions available.

The goal is to kill enemies and collect rewards, received based on their performance. There are more than 70 weapons and equipment to face your opponents.

Their strategy may include using bombs to distract enemies, giving arm wrenches to immobilize rivals, and of course using guns. The important thing is to diversify and surprise to win the game.

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