Withings ECG Blood Pressure Monitor Launches

At the beginning of the year we present the newest gadgets French manufacturer Withings, some of them focused on health, such as the BPM Core. Months after the announcement, the company's smart blood pressure monitor was finally launched in the European market.

Withings calls the BPM Core “the world's most advanced home cardiovascular monitor”.

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Image: https://www.withings/en/en/bpm-core

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Like the Apple Watch Series 4, the device is capable of reading electrocardiograms (ECG) by sending all this information to the iPhone through the Withings Health Mate app.

Withings Health Mate app icon

In addition, the device can measure and record stethoscope readings. Thus, BPM Core can be used to measure blood pressure, perform an ECG, and check heart rate at once in less than two minutes. To do all this, the device has a rechargeable battery through a Micro-USB port.

BPM Core is available in European countries at Apple's online and physical stores, or on the Withings website for 250/230. The product is due to be released in the United States next quarter following FDA approval.

BPM Connect

In addition to the BPM Core, Withings also started sales of BPM Connect, the successor to its classic blood pressure monitor which, unlike the Core model, has no ECG.

However, the device can perform readings without the need for a smartphone, as it displays the information recorded on a built-in LED display (such as the BPM Core). Still, it is possible to synchronize all data recorded by the gadget with iPhone or Android devices through the Withings app.

In addition to Europe, BPM Connect is also available in the US for 100/90 and $ 100, respectively, on the Withings website, the Apple physical stores and Ma's online store.

via 9to5Mac