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With this initiative, Hi makes me want to have insurance for my phone!

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly expensive, and in Brazil, in addition to worrying about falls, we still need to ensure that they are not stolen or stolen. Telephone operators have even offered burglary insurance for some time, but now Hi has expanded service coverage. Find out what you get from it.

The operator has the "smart protection", which already guaranteed a new device in cases of theft and theft. With the expansion of the service, Oi also guarantees a new phone in case of accidental fall and oxidation. Only protection devices purchased in the last 12 months, in Brazil or abroad, and that have cost up to R $ 5,000.00, which includes practically all Android devices in the market are only eligible.

Hi guarantees a new phone in case of accidental fall and oxidation

broken smartphone
Only accidental falls are covered / ANDROIDPIT

The protection must be contracted directly at Oi stores, with an identity document and the device's invoice. The insurance has a grace period of 30 days, 24 months and a deductible of 30% of the value of the device in case of accident.

Customers of any carrier can hire the service

In good Portuguese, the insurance is only valid 30 days after you hire it and in case of total loss, you must pay 30% of the original value of the device to earn another. The price of the monthly fee varies according to the value of the device, starting at $ 6.49.

androidpit samsung galaxy s7 edge 11
For the price of the Galaxy S7 Edge, maybe insurance is worth it / ANDROIDPIT

I've had a lot of stolen, stolen and broken cell phones, so I know how frustrating and revolting this situation is. However, I never thought of getting phone insurance. But I've never paid more than $ 2,000 for an Android, so I can't guarantee that I wouldn't be insured if I bought a Galaxy S7 Edge, for example.

Including cases of accidental fall is very welcome, and makes insurance seem an even better idea, even for cheaper smartphones.

Remembering that AndroidPIT has no relationship with Hi, so we can not guarantee the quality of service. Before hiring any insurance from any company, pay close attention to the conditions offered.

Now that Hi assures the device against theft, theft and fall, is insurance worth or better risk?

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