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With the Trippics app, friend reviews turn into travel guides

A social network that turns your experiences around the world into travel guides for your friends. This is the idea of Trippics, which now has an iOS app.

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Planning a trip using only online tools is quite feasible today, but it is still quite common to see people printing pages and more pages of tips from friends, using huge guides and other things that, without a doubt, make the trip easier.

With Trippics, it's quite different. His premise is to deliver an easy and quick way to create assessments. For this, the network / app is based on four pillars: how to get to places, what to do, where to stay and where to eat / drink. All of this happens in the form of sharing tips and photos with your followers.

According to Marcelo Cotrim, technical director of Trippics, the great advantage of the app is that the user can share and follow travel experiences at the moment they are being lived.

In addition, Trippics is still a way to immortalize everything that happened on the trip as some are already used to doing with the old Foursquare, but with Trippics it happens in a much more complete way.

For merchants (such as hotels, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions), the network is also beneficial as it offers a tool to measure the opinions of its customers, since travelers can give quality marks, prices, reviews, etc. In short: it is much easier to meet customers.