With the tablet market reignited by the iPad, NAND flash memory consumption is expected to skyrocket

If with a lever and a support point you can move the world, with an iPad and a bunch of competitors you can make the NAND flash memory market explode. According to forecasts from iSuppli, the consumption of this type of component should grow 382.4% in 2011, going from 476.8 million gigabytes to 2.3 billion gigabytes. In 2014, consumption should exceed 12 billion gigabytes.

Estimated worldwide consumption of NAND flash - iSuppli

The major drivers of this expansion will be tablets, accounting for 11.8% of the entire world market: each iPad should have an average of 41.5GB of memory, while Androids will hold 27.1GB.

Tablets with the Windows / Intel double also should contribute to this consumption, but in a less attractive way: because it is more expensive than HDDs, the solid state storage solution makes these gadgets aimed at effectively replacing a computer less attractive in the eyes of consumers.

(via Computerworld)