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With the Sobrr app you can share publications and photos that self-destruct in 24 hours

per Tatiana Hauschild

Who has never regretted publishing something on social networks after a few good drinks? The next day, in addition to the hangover, it will be hard to face the flood of likes and comments in the embarrassing photo, thankfully that this is no longer a problem.

Sobrr app for iPhones / iPods touch

The application Over, launched in California last July, arrived to allow people to post any photo with the certainty that it will be automatically deleted in 24 hours, avoiding the next day's headache.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe app is quite simple: posts, chat messages and friendships disappear after a day. To enter the social network, just download the app and publish a photo which can be shared globally or locally. After that, other users can view the publication and like it (swiping the screen to the right) or move on to the next photo (swiping the screen to the left).

The photos can receive four different filters and after published they show the number of hours that will still be available for viewing. In addition to enjoying the publications (what is called vibings in the app), the user can also comment on them and tag friends.

Starting from ‚ÄúVibings‚ÄĚ users can add contacts and create friendships. After adding people, you have the option of exchanging messages in a private chat in which the messages can be viewed only once and then decide if you want to keep the person on your friends list. However, this option is allowed if both users so wish and activate the function keep.

Sobrr brings the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving life in the moment without being afraid to regret it the next day. For now, the application is available for download only for the iOS platform.

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