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With the Rectag app, you can make audio recordings and add taps on the iPhone or Watch screen

BEPiD students at Universidade Catlica de Braslia, the trio Andr Santana Ferreira, Bryan Holanda and Marcelly Godinho recently launched the app Rectag for iPhones / iPods touch.

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With Rectag you make audio recordings and add a tag (tag) with a simple touch on the screen, of important moments you are recording. You don't need to listen to the entire audio to find that important recording moment. Browse the audio through tags inserted during recording. The Rectag displays in a beautiful wave of beats recording with tags the instant they were inserted, as well as the name you gave them.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe markings is excellent and serves as a great advantage of Rectag in relation to the native iOS Recorder, a perfect resource for long audio files such as classes, presentations, meetings, interviews, etc. Your recordings can also be easily organized into folders.

Want more? Rectag will also be on Apple Watch!

Rectag on Apple Watch

Version 1.1 of the application is already waiting for Apple's approval and will allow users to use the watch to start recordings and add tags directly by the wrist. The only limitation is to name the markings, since the Watch does not have a virtual keyboard.

The Rectag is free and is now available in Portuguese, English, German and French.