With the launch of the new SE, Apple discontinues the iPhones 8 and 8 Plus

The new iPhone SE arrived and, with it, there was a change in the Apple smartphone line. This is because the new device has a clear mission to replace the “old” iPhone 8; therefore, today Apple closed sales of both 8 and its big brother, the 8 Plus.

As we said, the new iPhone SE is practically a turbocharged iPhone 8 (with some improved specifications, including the A13 Bionic chip, support for Wi-Fi 6 and more).

Rear of iPhones 8 Plus and 8 red - (PRODUCT) RED

iPhones 8 and 8 Plus

The truth is that, if you were thinking about buying an iPhone 8, you won’t lose anything with this exchange for the new SE – on the contrary, since you earn more by paying less. Unless you are interested in the 8 Plus model, with a 5.5 ″ screen – after all, the new SE only has a size option, with a 4.7 ″ LCD screen. That is, if you want a bigger iPhone, you will have to go for the XR, 11 or 11 Pro [Max] – and spend more for it.

In the United States, the iPhone 8 started at $ 450; the second generation SE now costs from US $ 400 (that is, a very reasonable savings).

In Brazil, the iPhone 8 was sold in two different capacities, for R $ 3,400 (64GB) and R $ 3,700 (128GB). The SE, in turn, arrived with a nice adjustment due to the recent increase in the dollar: the 64GB model will cost R $ 3,700, the 128GB will cost R $ 4,000 and the 256GB, for R $ 4,500 – 8% adjustments, in a direct comparison.

It is worth noting that many Apple partners (authorized resellers) must still have stocks of iPhones 8 and 8 Plus, so expect good deals from them painting around. ?